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it’s a sad day.


conde naste announced that cookie and gourmet are shutting down due to financial reasons.
1. gourmet has been one of my fav magazines to receive in the mail for years now—i originally signed up when i put way too much kitchen supplies related debt on my macy’s card when i first moved out here-thinking that well if i have all the right utensils and cute supplies, of course i’ll start cooking and eating-in more often! albeit it didn’t worked so well back then, but i still have all that stuff and have subscribed to gourmet ever since.
2. i didn’t even get to live in the cookie stage. i actually had just signed up a few weeks back, thinking that since alex and whitney are pregnant it was needed so i can have input in our tuesday evening walking conversations :) and now :( i won’t ever even recieve my own copy in the mail.



heard via a cup of jo


i’m in!


just got my confirmation for my RSVP – next Tuesday….Jess, Casey and I will be stopping by this Man Shops Globe event at Anthro and I can’t wait. Ha, talk about an amazing job-right?!



awesome wedding present


so we got an awesome wedding present courtesy of burton snowboards (with the help of the lovely miss lesley betts) … a series 13 fish!
burton has done series 13 for a minute, where they offer a certain amount of boards to be customized. if a style board you like can be made into series 13 – you select your size and can upload whatever art/graphic you want on it.

so we got a wedding series 13 156 fish.yes...they spelled :( my name wrong..but it's cool i can roll with it

yes…they spelled :( my name wrong..but it’s cool i can roll with it


It was an awesome gift and super sweet gesture…the text says: Welcome to your new life together. May everlasting happiness and knee deep pow be yours as husband and wife.
series 13 – best wishes from burton!


you should go.


to all three of these.
i’ll be there ;)





please read




and even this if you want.



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day late…but HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

mothers day orchid

mothers day orchid

so i’m a day late in posting. but a big fat HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the incredible mothers that are in my life.

Johny was so sweet, he bought me this orchid for being Gnarly’s mama ;)

xo to you all….



[excuse the poor photo quality…i took with my phone and gnar was teething on my leg so i rushed! ;) haah]