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mothers day gift guide


just in case ya know, you need some ideas ;) [hint hint, juanny d, hubby ‘o mine]

1. checkered tea spoons, $24, anthropologie. [because drinking tea is relaxing and let’s face it, all women, esp moms who take it where they can get it, need styled up accessories to enjoy it more. it’s the little things]

2. ikat butterfly cover-up, $48, echo design. [with summer coming up, and lotso pool play dates in the plans, mamas need to look cute while we’re chasing our toddlers around. plus pair w/ a cami and can be work as a tunic, bonus!]

3. monthly beauty treats, $10/month, birch box [who doesn’t love getting mail, ahem hello amazon prime memberships, so why not treat your special lady to a monthly subscription of beauty treats, can be given as an annual subscription or one time monthly]

4. honey-do list pad, $6.50, knockknock [because we all make the inevitable honey-do list, why not make it easier for her to create said list in an organized fashion]

5. color block tote, $75, neiman marcus [because every mama needs a big bag, period.]


Tiny Ball Chain Rings



So I saw these lovely yellow gold ball chain petite rings on FAB by Gabriela Artigas but of course they had sold out…so when I found them in her online store at $100 a pop (knowing of course I’d want 4, one for each finger) I knew I had to hold off and think about it.

But I couldn’t stop OBSESSING over them. I’d saved the photo + looked at it all the time!! And searched and searched, holding out hoping for a cheaper option but alas never found anything comparable.

So I figured (what I usually do)…I can make that ;)
So online purchased some small gold ball chain and connectors. This being the big difference (aside from the fact hers are yellow gold or rose gold, and mine are gold plated) hers are smoothly finished off and mine have a small connector which hides on the palm side of your finger. But at less than $1/each….I don’t care about the ghetto connector or even if the color wears and I need to make new ones in a month ;) ha!


Love love love them :)


need supply co.


yup. not much to say besides.




so i’m super into manicures lately, which is semi stupid because i’m still at a point where it’s very plausible for me to stick my fingers in rwd’s mouth numerous times a day…BUT i can’t help but 1. use up this last bit of summer for a lil fun like these:

and 2. get anxious for fall and winter parties where i can do it up like these:

…do you have a fav style to do your nails? or do you keep it simple?

a fun way i’ve been mixing it up lately, is just classic solid nails – but my ring finger on each hand (and matching for the toes) a different shade. it’s a much more subtle take to funking it out…


room x room


so finally after living in our casa for a year, i’m ready to start tackling the first step of finally getting there. i am a true believer that you should put a conscious effort into your home. i mean, come on-it’s your home. it should be cozy, warm, reflect your lives, your energy, your intentions…but with that, i also understand that means it’s a forever on-going process. as your family grows, changes, your lives, interest, etc.

BUT this week starts my room x room project.

i’m going to start in our master and work my way through every single room and start putting some of the finishing touches… i actually technically started yesterday when i finally bought some new sheets/duvet cover for our bed. i have an idea for the corner w/ a chair, pillow, rug…our closet + bathroom are pretty finished…just need 1 piece of art for our toilet room…but my biggest challenge is what to put over our bed. part of my wants a family shot…i mean it’s us, it’s our family and that equals our whole hearts. but part of me also thinks that’s a lil corny. what do you think?

what belongs over a bed?

use of a wall decal

clean blank frames

something graphic and romantic

something that promotes sleep?

a collage of something natural and organic?


what do you think? any good ideas for me?


linen pool towel


i’m what you could consider an impulse shopper. ha. like big time.

i just spotted linen towels on jora’s domestic reflections blog and of course instantly ordered up some for myself. the idea of it seems amazing – and like jora says super multi-function. a towel, a wrap/sarong, nursing cover, blanket, thin cover for the stroller, etc… i can’t wait for them to come!!!

i decided to go with these two

and this one – to be able to see the difference between the cotton and linen versions

and then this set – my size + rwd size ;)

still semi on the hard hunt for a good pool tote too!


in need of a pool tote



so i’m in a need of a good pool tote.

casey, abbey or kate – i’m hoping you’ll pull through for me with suggestions ;) it’s gotta be big – i need to carry a blanket, two towels, snacks, change of clothes/diapers for lil man, water, etc…

here’s some that i’m currently interested in:

and this one is my favorite – though i don’t think i’d justify spending $110 on a pool tote…

any of the above stand out? or any other great favorites i’m missing?