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for the love of quirk


liam – sent us this awesome baby gift today, and i’m seriously kind of beyond in love. quirkbooks has lot of rad, off the wall how-to’s, downloads, and quizzes

from the printables section – i think i am going to print this and hide it in john’s wallet – you know…just in case ;)

also check out the wall notebooks – you can download for free…i like this one ;) – download, print, and write your notes on the ‘wall’ like a tag.

super awesome stuff and lots to dig through…check it out!


get recover


so i’ve been eyeing all the rad wood iphone covers that have been floating around the blogs over the past few months and finally – i found the one to purchase today.

:) granted, the tipping point for me, was that this fabulous gal kait is leading force behind it~she’s also happens to be the one who made my lemonheart page [sidenote: the website she made is great, the lack of it’s awesomeness is only left to me because i never took time to photo my product and get my shizz together; yes it’s still on my to do list..]

anyway, back to recover –

kind of freaking awesome, wood veneer skins at totally affordable pricing ~ for all apple products: ipad, iphone 3G & 4G, and macbooks. not to mention supporting a rad company from the northwest?… umm, yes please. get over there and get one.

i got mine + think you should too. my rating: 2 freaking thumbs up.


free + fun….wix


so as we’re really, and i mean REALLY, diving into the further development of peekay we’re exploring all options which range from paying a advertising/marketing firm to help us with brand development, brand audits, logos, website, etc… and the simple life of :) free websites. after hearing about wix, i figured…well might as well try it out.

i found it EXTREMELY user friendly, for those who have little to no programming or html past, and as long as you’re willing to move the mouse around and try pressing a few buttons until you get what you’re looking for–it’s basically fail-proof.

so for fun, i made a photography page, not that i’m looking to necessarily get into professional photography, by any means, but really – to 1. test out wix and it’s end product, 2. be able to pass along to my cute photographer friends ;), and 3. set up an assistant gallery for my lovely friend jenn.

check it out.

overall, i give wix a big fat 2 thumbs up!


kind of awesome. like ok, really awesome.


so on our way to dinner tonight, we walked by the collabratory. and it’s kind of an amazing idea.

in a society where everyone hoards the information they have to get an edge on their competition, these guys are opening their doors to share space, concepts, ideas and brainstorm. and i kind of really really love it.

as we’re embarking in on the wedding industry, we’re quickly learning that finding vendors who are open to collabs only come around when they feel like they’re really going to benefit from it. don’t get me wrong – sweet supportive people are out there (Anna + Bre from Anna Be have been super supportive and awesome, Jenn Davidson from Luce Photography is willing to bend over backwards to help us get started, etc…) and while I don’t blame them, I guess that’s just not my nature. If someone is reaching out to me and I have knowledge to share, I’m more than happy to pass along, and maybe it’s just my selfishness thinking that in doing that karma will take care of me when I need it…but these guys, I don’t know-but I dig. And appreciate. And support.

check, check, check em out.


kick my butt…please


so. in an effort to make pushing this babe out ;) as easy as possible, i have started working with a personal trainer.

[i’ll pause for reaction] ;) because, those that know me personally-obviously understand, this is insane. the girl who only did golf as a sport in high school (which basically included eating snacks, decorating our golf balls, coming up with funny sayings for our hoodies & laying on the grass doing ‘supermans’ with melei), and who can barely run a block without having to stop and catch my breath, and who -yes, i admit it- can barely open a container of apple juice has been meeting with the lovely jill kingen twice a week to get in shape.

and honestly, it’s kind of awesome. :) she’s great at finding the balance between being supportive yet making fun of me when i complain the 8lbs are too heavy to lift for my weak arms. she does all types of work-outs but with me has obviously been focusing on a preggo, gentle basic approach to getting my body healthy and ready for this babe that’s growing in my belly.

for anyone in denver, i HIGHLY recommend checking out jill or trying her tabata group classes. and get in while she’s getting her business started for incredible pricing!!

try it out and let me know what you think!

also- peekay + no boundaries fitness will be teaming up for some bridal bootcamps and training to get your hot little bods ready for those gorgeous dresses! stay tuned for more info!