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sorry i’ve been lacking at posting, i have a few recipes to catch up on…and otherwise i’ve been busy hosting family, planning holiday menus + my lil man’s first birthday! until i can get caught up, here’s some sneak peaks at some more larson family fun :)


pearl velo sunday morning ride


pearl velo


sweet savannah


savannah is a wild woman and she holds my (+ rwd’s) heart.

her mama is pretty rad as well ;) [+ due w/ bebe 2 in two weeks!!]




eli’s bday bash


our┬áhandsome┬álil friend eli is turning 1 and his fab parents kate + chuck thew him a bday bash. – that was cowboys + indian themed ;) LOVE IT. and love him!

happy happy berfday you wonderful lil man – we all love you sooooo much!

larson fam


so melissa’s sister- carissa asked if i’d take some casual shots of their adorable lil fam…here’s a couple of my favs.


nice lil sat afternoon


so i got to spend this afternoon taking photos of some of the hippest, coolest folks i’ve been around in awhile. antonia, a love from lola, was hosting a backyard bbq LOVE party for her friends Mariana + Michael who are engaged. granted, i know i’m not a photographer by any means, but doesn’t mean i don’t have fun doing it…esp when there’s little bums involved ;)

here’s a sneak peak…

congrats to the happy couple!


free + fun….wix


so as we’re really, and i mean REALLY, diving into the further development of peekay we’re exploring all options which range from paying a advertising/marketing firm to help us with brand development, brand audits, logos, website, etc… and the simple life of :) free websites. after hearing about wix, i figured…well might as well try it out.

i found it EXTREMELY user friendly, for those who have little to no programming or html past, and as long as you’re willing to move the mouse around and try pressing a few buttons until you get what you’re looking for–it’s basically fail-proof.

so for fun, i made a photography page, not that i’m looking to necessarily get into professional photography, by any means, but really – to 1. test out wix and it’s end product, 2. be able to pass along to my cute photographer friends ;), and 3. set up an assistant gallery for my lovely friend jenn.

check it out.

overall, i give wix a big fat 2 thumbs up!