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1/2 a day in the life of yours truly


So we have this mama blog – trumamas, but have inevitably grown too busy to keep up on it [sort of like this blog] and are waiting for it to have the right look, feel, etc…I dabble in coming up with headers but just haven’t dedicated any time to it. Anyway, back in Jan I decided I wanted to do “a day in the life” post, since sometimes I look at my strange new stay-at-home life and wonder what the crap consumes the full day or how do I keep my kid entertained…so I took some notes on my iCal and some photos, and figured may as well post it here instead :)

It’s only a half day because my part-time nanny was able to come over last minute that afternoon and I had a ton of prep work I had to do, so I jumped on her offer… Well here goes:

7am – I wake up, our lil man usually wakes between 6:30-7:15am, but Johnny always takes the first shift. He goes and gets him, changes him, gets him morning milk and then brings him up to our bed…so at 7- [again, this day in the life was back from Jan 2nd – so we were still nursing at that point] I bf him and lounge in bed, while trying to catch up on the kindle on my phone. We cuddle and play monster in the sheets + pillows (thus why my kid has such a good “monster” impersonation now…)

8am – we head downstairs for some bfast, [I decided to do this post post-bfast so I wasn’t able to catch any bed cuddles or him actually eating] RWD had a waffle w/ almond butter, some home-made sausage, a handful of cheerios and some craisins. I sneak in a chai and quick bfast for myself while he feeds himself…

8:20 – after bfast, he lounges and plays with toys while I do the am vacuum session (crazy the amount of hair you have with two berners-so we’re on a twice a day vacuum schedule). He’s in the “I LOVE THE VAC” stage so he usually just giggles and chases me around.

8:40 – we climb the stairs, he’s adamant about being able to do it himself at this point, to head up and start some laundry.

8:45 – he also happens to LOVE laundry. And he’s actually quite a good helper, so he hands me everything out of the washer so I don’t have to bend over ;)

it’s weird because I guess back in Jan he wasn’t walking yet either – so :) lil man crawls everywhere after me

8:50 – we head into his room to brush our teeth and get undressed and ready to shower – luckily he actually enjoys brushing his own teeth and is pretty good at it.

9 – the key to a successful shower is having everything prepped, so prior to actually getting in, we set out towels + his clothes so it’ll be an easy transition afterwards…

which includes setting out my own stuff as well – gotta be prepared + efficient w/ a lil person in your life

9:15 – we shower and he does well at just playing on the floor so I can actually get my own shower in…this is the aftermath (not too bad right?)

9:30 – I like giving him a bit of ‘naked time’ so he can air out, this usually is my time to get dressed, brush my teeth, comb my hair – which he uses to explore our room and closet.

9:35 – I realize he’s being way too quiet which means something must be up, so I peak around the corner and yup you guessed it…he’s pissed and taken a shit on the floor. The funny thing about this- I literally do this every morning with him, and of course on the day I decide to document we have our first “accident/s”. Figures right? ..yeh, remember how I prepped his towel + clothes prior thus making the transition easier? Guess the naked time in-between wasn’t so bright – so he hops back in the shower for a quick rinse off…

[sorry, totally gross I know]

9:45 – This time, we go straight to the bed and put on his diaper – I, lucky me, get to clean up his poop and pee on the floor, then head down to his room for lotion + hair combing. He has other plans – which include throwing all this shoes (which don’t even fit his feet) in his hamper

10 – we play a mean game of chase (playing hard hopefully equals tired babe which equals good nap), start a load of his diapers and eventually settle down to read good night moon – his current favorite.

10:10 – after reading it about 3 times, he finally snuggles in and is ready for his nap

10:12 – i lay him down and success!

10:17 – i head downstairs to do a brisk clean up, and sit down to search out good recipes, catch up on my blogs – i check the monitor because i heard noises and yup he’s pulling the blanket over his head playing peek-a-boo with himself…

10:30 – now he’s full on blabbing to himself and standing up – ugh, srsly being at home with your kid all day and not having them nap is pretty much the worst thing ever. 1. you don’t get your own downtime to do whatever and 2. you get to deal with an overly tired kid the rest of the day… so we wait it out and usually make him have at least ‘quiet’ time in his crib the duration of what his nap would usually be or wait until he’s freaking out crying so hard it’s obvious that he’s not going to ever be able to calm himself back down

11 – still not down. =/ but thankfully not crying…

11:45 – just as I’m about to give up (being able to have a distraction like blog surfing makes the time go by WAY too fast) I check the monitor one last time and finally he’s fallen asleep…from the sitting position to a fold over sleeping position.

12:35 – he wakes up :) feeling rested and in a good mood, plus mama got plenty of her own time and was able to eat a peaceful lunch. Not to mention get his lunch all ready to go (fish sticks, broc bites + a small agave/almond butter sandwich)

12:40 – after a diaper change, we pick out a couple stories

1 – after lunch we have a dance party and wait for the savior shelby (our nanny) to come over…in which she magically gets him to play all afternoon, take another great nap + stays sane while doing so ;)

-this is where I headed upstairs to pack up our whole 2nd floor in prep for our floors being torn out and re-done…it’s kind of insane to think how much has changed in the past 2 months, i’ll have to attempt another day in the life next week to see the differences.

*my hipsta camera does this annoying thing where when it shakes (aka goes from my pocket to my hand, or any movement whatsoever) it changes the settings…so sorry the photos are all weird


eli’s bday bash


our handsome lil friend eli is turning 1 and his fab parents kate + chuck thew him a bday bash. – that was cowboys + indian themed ;) LOVE IT. and love him!

happy happy berfday you wonderful lil man – we all love you sooooo much!

little man’s shoes


so speaking of shoes, i think it’s about time to get rwd a pair. i initially bought him the zuzii boots, which ha the time came and past where they would fit him and he actually never wore them =/ but they’re adorable and i’m holding out hope that should we have a second bebe we’ll use them then ;)

BUT we’re not close to taking steps yet, but i would like to have some sort of sun protection for him this summer and i’m debating between the following:

the zuzii shoe

the pedi peds christopher

..what do you think? do you have a favorite babe shoe brand, that i’m missing out on?

…and then of course i can’t wait until he can fit into tiny toms! ;)

…i also broke down and had to buy the zuzii sandals today, which obviously are just for fun, since not functional for moving around/nor good for sun protection, but his fred flinstone feet will be AMAZING in them






so john + i knew that developing a community here in colorado was going to be vital to us wanting to stay and really put down roots. as soon we as started designing our home, community was always in the forefront of our thoughts. we feel our home is very intentional… no space too big or wasted, all spaces share and vibe off each other from the inside out.
once i found out i was having a babe, i knew having a strong group of (strong) mama’s around me was going to be really important. to learn from, to share in this adventure with…and now that rwd is here-this group of women i’ve connected myself with have been my saving grace. being a mom is tough. in ways you’d never expect…and being able to talk to someone who is going through the same thing or can at least somewhat relate has pulled me from ppd back into the real world. i’m so thankful for my group of mama friends :)
once a month i host a mama’s night…there are about 16 or so women invited and usually about 8-12 are able to make it. we all have bebes within a year of each other and we just collect and eat, drink wine, share stories…and let the bebes play. today to mix it up a bit, we switched from our normal mama’s night and had a sat bbq with papa’s invited too.
here’s some photos :)

smoked ribs all day

way, h + savannah

this open tent was a hit

way way!!

3 wk old baby josh

love this fam

eli dropped his bone

he got a new one ;)

mama helen + phoebe

em + jess

passed out ethan

eli + soren

kate, ethan + mama sus

soren + mama adrienne

mama jess + emma

mama melissa + mason

4 wks old mason

daddy steve + ethan

waylon eating

my boys

future daughter ;)

sweet phoebe

miss emma james


rwd + eli


mama’s night


so i have a group of mama’s that are basically my new lifeline. truly-being a mom is hard. and it’s annoying to complain about to non-mom friends…so having these ladies in my life is making a huge difference. once a month, i host a mama’s night…i invite over 15 or so of my fav local mama’s with babes under 2 y/o for food, wine, and babe play time. it’s a bit chaos and loud… :) but oh so enjoyable. these ladies are incredible. and having a community for rwd to grow up in is priceless.

two days ago was the april mama’s night and since the next one wasn’t going to happy until post-mother’s day…rocco and i made some treats. (when i say rocco and i, i mean me…while he laid on his blanket on the floor either sucking on his thumb or whining because i wasn’t paying attention to him ;) ha!) i made all the mama’s air plant terrariums. in the simplest fashion but super cute (esp when they’re all lined up!) i bought the tillandsia from a local nursery wholesaler that Peekay has a license with… the white sand from Target, the containers from CB2, and the dried floral accents from Perfect Petal. I wrote out little love notes and care instructions on little metal tags and lined them all up so my friends could pick which one they liked best.

It was a smashing hit ;) and made me feel happy to do something little to start many of their first mother’s days off right.


might be getting ahead of myself


but i can’t wait until rocco is older. i am totally going to buy him these for our trips to the zoo, park, etc ;)


my last minute wishlist


so it’s december 23rd… our son is now 4 wks old – 1 month tomorrow! (i CANNOT believe how fast it’s gone already! which, yes, i know…ALL new parents say that…but it’s so freaking true!) with all the family in town, getting adjusted to life’s biggest change and just the overall craziness that winter brings to our lives ~ johnny and i are just starting our holiday shopping. ha. so here’s my last minute wish list


1. bensimon nils – i already own the lace ups and have the slip on’s on my to buy list for this summer…but these high-top lace up sneakers seem like a perfect match for me this winter. and bonus-the taupe is on sale currently at piperlime!

2. boob nursing hoodie – as rocco and i are starting to venture out more and more, nursing in public is a bridge i’m having to cross. this swedish designed hoodie makes it comfy and discreet.

3. this floral kaftan from etsy seller silkandmore ~ i’ve previously mentioned that i bought a silk kaftan but i think this super soft mulmul cotton one would be great too. kaftan’s are taking over robes ;) let me tell you!


4. the laguiole cheeses knives set from crate and barrel. we received two sets of the steak knives in mineral last year for christmas and i think this set in natural would be the perfect compliment!

5. the tea and toast butter dish from anthro – i dropped and broke our butter dish awhile ago and now that breakfast is super important to jump start my sleep deprived days – eating my english muffin would be more tempting w/ room temp butter from this puppy than trying to spread it from the fridge like i’m currently doing

6. the DWR teak swing…which happens to be on sale right now! i’d like two please :) to hang off the steel beams on the balcony off our bedroom [yes, i realize this one doesn’t really fall into the practical category…but :) i’m sure i could attempt to justify it and be quite successful]

FOR THE GNAR [because a gift for our pup is sort of like a gift for me]

7. Berner blank cards – Gnarly is always getting gifts, bones, toys, treats etc…so having a cute way to say thanks! would be awesome and these would be perfect.

8.  Gnarly got one of these petstages no stuffing squeaky toys (they sell the alligator one at target!) from my parents when they came out to meet rocco and it’s pretty awesome. with no stuffing – it wouldn’t matter if it got destroyed and the body is broken into 3 sections that offer a different type of squeak in each…she goes off in our backyard playing with it. and i think this zebra one is super cute.

9. this rattan outdoor dog bed is awesome. gnarly loves spending as much time as possible outdoors during the winter, esp if it’s snowing and i’d love to give her this option to cuddle up in. [dwr has a small dog one on sale right now that gnar would be too big for…] this is from the uk but to have something w/ a lil protection from the wind or from sun during the summer would do us just riiight.

FOR MY LITTLE MAN [which yes, just like gifts for the dog pretty much equate to gifts for me]

10. the woodours activity mat – now that little man is a month old, he’s able to visually focus on things and i’m sort of in love with all the woodour products (esp that mobile!) so this mat seems to be a perfect fit. i love how it’s gender neutral and all the pieces that come apart making it multi-functional too. sign me up!

11. cloth wipe solution drops the whole cloth diaper thing is working out really well for us and these drops make the wipes process super smooth. we purchased a good majority of our diapers from the giggling green bean and while i think we’ve got a good stockpile of diapers, i still foresee many more shopping trips there in our future.

12. and OF COURSE the american apparel infant tank tops. i seriously would dress rocco in one of these EVERY DAY, we only own 3 right now…but i am considering buying like 50 more. because, well…with a name like rocco, why wouldn’t you wear a muscle tank daily? and they happen to currently be on sale!


…hopefully most of you aren’t like us and have all your shopping done and have been done well in advance of the mall madness. :) happy holidays! xo-p