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Babe Brunch Uno



So it’s the summer of bebes! We’ve got babes due each month in our friend group from now thru Jan!!

Next up is Jess, since it’s everyone’s seconds we wanna keep thing simple but sweet-here’s my honey shower::

She wanted to eat brunch out so we decided on Table 6, cute joint, yummy food and nice atmosphere. To make it a lil more special though we brought in some simple decorations.

Burlap square for the center of the table
Dried wheat in a vintage milk jar
Hand-sewn personalized napkins
Handmade lavender honey lollipops
Honey stir sticks with a fresh mint sprig in each water glass
And honey favors.

Nothing fancy but just enough to add a personal handmade touch

Lovely <;;3

Sources:: burlap-by the yard from JoAnns, wheat-floral section of Michaels, vintage milk jar-borrowed from a friend, napkins-BBB, gold string for names-Michaels, lollipops with lavender from Savory Spice Shop, honey stirrers, mint-from my backyard, and bulk honey in jars-from World Market with a clean simple craft sticker.

Much love to Miss Kate M Carroll for the help :)


sweet savannah


savannah is a wild woman and she holds my (+ rwd’s) heart.

her mama is pretty rad as well ;) [+ due w/ bebe 2 in two weeks!!]




eli’s bday bash


our handsome lil friend eli is turning 1 and his fab parents kate + chuck thew him a bday bash. – that was cowboys + indian themed ;) LOVE IT. and love him!

happy happy berfday you wonderful lil man – we all love you sooooo much!



so john + i knew that developing a community here in colorado was going to be vital to us wanting to stay and really put down roots. as soon we as started designing our home, community was always in the forefront of our thoughts. we feel our home is very intentional… no space too big or wasted, all spaces share and vibe off each other from the inside out.
once i found out i was having a babe, i knew having a strong group of (strong) mama’s around me was going to be really important. to learn from, to share in this adventure with…and now that rwd is here-this group of women i’ve connected myself with have been my saving grace. being a mom is tough. in ways you’d never expect…and being able to talk to someone who is going through the same thing or can at least somewhat relate has pulled me from ppd back into the real world. i’m so thankful for my group of mama friends :)
once a month i host a mama’s night…there are about 16 or so women invited and usually about 8-12 are able to make it. we all have bebes within a year of each other and we just collect and eat, drink wine, share stories…and let the bebes play. today to mix it up a bit, we switched from our normal mama’s night and had a sat bbq with papa’s invited too.
here’s some photos :)

smoked ribs all day

way, h + savannah

this open tent was a hit

way way!!

3 wk old baby josh

love this fam

eli dropped his bone

he got a new one ;)

mama helen + phoebe

em + jess

passed out ethan

eli + soren

kate, ethan + mama sus

soren + mama adrienne

mama jess + emma

mama melissa + mason

4 wks old mason

daddy steve + ethan

waylon eating

my boys

future daughter ;)

sweet phoebe

miss emma james


rwd + eli


might be getting ahead of myself


but i can’t wait until rocco is older. i am totally going to buy him these for our trips to the zoo, park, etc ;)


can i justify it?


after a relatively awful last hour of little man being a big fat grump-i sang, hummed, shushed, rocked, swung, and bounced (again, all done by me, because i haven’t broken down and bought an ugly plastic swing yet…though that thought crossed my mind tonight too)…i walked into the kitchen and he could look up at the lights-like magic all the fussiness melted away. being in a ‘modern house’ we don’t really have too many light fixtures that are visible and only have ceiling lights in the kitchen and in our master bedroom-so there’s just a whole lot of white space for him to look up at normally… thinking back to a cup of jo i saw this awesome night light they used in their nursery and automatically fell in love and think projecting stars on his walls & ceiling is a perfect solution to a night light in the nursery and giving him rad lights to stare up at…

…and even though my little man is almost 6 weeks old – we’re still finishing up the nursery. and well, why not start considering the nightlight purchase next? again, i really really want the j schatz egg lamp

but i don’t think i can justify the $135 pricetag…when this lame looking twilight turtle pretty much does the same effect…

and doesn’t break the bank costing only a whopping $30 plus I can run to Target tomorrow and have it in hand…


so what do you think? splurge on something that looks good during the daytime too or just stash the turtle during the day and pull it out at bedtime?


…a review of our nursery thus far + the last few things on my wish list/to do list to come later this week!


omg. yes please


so sarah just sent over these boots…and seriously!? umm..yes please.

these boots are so flipping adorable and truly i think could work for a lil buddy or a lil pretty lady. ha and the best part would be if they went all the way up to their chubby little knees!

and these are also pretty awesome ~ ha i can picture these lil elf shoes w/ a gnome hat :) ohhhh mannnn… hah.

and if i were having a summer babe i’d be all over these sandals a well