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so. for those who may be new to my little blog… lemonheart was my creative baby. my outlet to making and doing and being…i decided to start it with handmade jewelry, which would grow to other accessories & paper goods, then to jewelry holders to other furniture pieces and then to any and everything my little heart could imagine. …ha-well before my dreams could take flight…i put my baby on hold ;) and instead – i grabbed myself a partner ;) and we started peekay – my BIGGER creative baby. with finding 2 weddings from the start; it easily pushed my other little dream lemonheart to the side and took over all my creative energy and spare time.  needless to say i’ve been extremely lacking on all things lemonheart since then and basically told myself that i’d put it 100% to the side during these two weddings and restart it up this summer… (new pieces, stocking up my inventory, and finally really putting together my website)

…so with our second wedding next friday – be on the look out for lemonheart updates and a relaunch of the site to come late summer!
…and well ;) while i’m personally on a handmade goods vacation ~ i’ve been searching out gems on etsy and wanted to share some of my favs

[click on all photos to be brought directly to their etsy shops]

LOVE THIS…the fact it says “i am yours” literally melts my heart, I might have to make my own stylee that says “i am theirs” for my man and my babe to come ;) ha or more realistically just request a custom one from tinahdee. heheh

of course i had to throw something babe in there, these wooden rattles are just too sweet to me, the natural materials the fact they could double as a teether, and then to top it off that they come from the pacific northwest? i’m definitely hoping to find one or two of these in my baby’s room coming up!

since moving into de la sol, this is the first time i’ve officially had a garden and i can’t wait to be out there cultivating and growing my lunch! these vintage spoon markers would make it that much better–don’t you think?

now i’ve never sewn, so attempting to make something like this could never be on my list- but the thought of re-useable snack bags has been super appealing to me for the past year or so. after searching out a few of the options out there, this brand seems to be high quality and come in cute prints!

i could spend hours and hours on etsy searching out all things lovely, finding inspirations for things i want to try to make myself and finding perfect gifts for friends :) what are some of your favorites out there?


craft a.d.d.


so i have a bit of A.D.D. when it comes to crafting, i just get so inspired by so many lovely bits that float around on the blogs, in storefront windows, as parts of merch set displays…i can’t help myself. i want to make it all! and i’ve truly discovered that if i don’t complete a project the first time i start it…most-likely (ok, ok, inevitably–just ask john) it’s going to sit right where it was started….unfinished. till the end of time-or until i go through a mass cleaning and remember how great of a project it was in the first place and motivate enough to finish it… :) [ahem, lemonheart…i’m so sorry! i just am so in love with so much at the moment i can’t find time to get my site up and fully equip w/ all the images, etc…but i promise, it’s still near the top of my to-do list]

so on my current to-do list are the following:

1. print my christmas cards (the design is complete!, ha of course started and finished in basically one-sitting) and i’ve recently purchased a print gocco machine..but am waiting on master screens (being shipped from japan) so debating if i should find an alternate way to print them…..hmm yudu perhaps? or just go get them printed…time is running.short!)

2. finish up the lemonheart site and update jewelry ideas i’ve had floating around in my little head…which entails actually making them, photo-ing them & adding them to my online store….plus adding in some dude ideas.

3. zinc. ha, anything and everything. these hang tags were just too cute spotted over at sunday suppers – which of course started a new daily obsession for finding all things zinc. like these cool apothecary jars which i’m sure could find a lovely place to live in our new house.

4. coffee table. we have an old coffee table that i’ve been meaning to replace in our upstairs living room – but never got around to it. now i think it may just make the perfect art project. inspired by design*sponge, i hope to create something similar to this… :) with the help of strieby.


yup…so those are my biggest projects of the moment… little ones include: more linocuts, more papercuts, a papercut map, wedding paper suite & decor goodies for melissa & kelly, and working on the new casa – decorating, creating art, finding furniture pieces, etc :)


moo: they love to print


so as i’m slowly plugging away at getting  lemonheart going (my hand-made lil jewelry company) – i have to send a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Kait [who happens to be in the midst of 40 days of awesome] & Think Make for being so awesome at getting my website purrdy and ready to go and then ha follow that with a HUGE apology that i’m so lame and can’t freaking get my sh!t together to get the stuff you’re waiting on me for—to get it live and launched.  but i promise–it will be coming soon….very soon. bookmark it and be on the look-out!

anyway.  so once the site is launched i figured, well i better have biz cards to be able to easily spread the word…ENTER: moo. spotted on wendolonia i’m super excited about this company. they print biz cards or mini cards (i opted for the mini cards for lemonheart) and offer different images on EVERY SINGLE CARD! Amazing. The best part? they’re cheap cheap cheap! So 1. you’re getting awesome cards at a good price. 2. they allow you to do multiple images (which would normally be crazy expensive) all in the same run of 50 or 100 cards! i’m sort of in love. ;)

here’s what i went with:



update!: the cards arrived in my mail today and they look awesome! i’m super excited about them and looking forward to order peekay ones!


lemonheart orders are pouring in!


:) so so anxious and excited for the lemonheart site launch, hopefully to be done by the end of sept!

orders are already coming in and i’m ha starting a backlog list…

here’s where we stand currently:
PO01 – Jess Kelly
18″ “mom to be” ballchain necklace (2)
18″ “s, e” ballchain necklace
18″ silver LOVE necklace (4)
18″ gold LOVE necklace (4)
16″ silver LOVE necklace
16″ gold LOVE necklace
18″ gold “mommy” necklace

PO02 – Michelle Lee
16″ silver LOVE necklace

PO03 – Elbee
“elbee” earring
“scf” earring
14″ silver “annie” necklace
16″ silver “aspen” necklace

PO04 – Darci
18″ silver “bitch” necklace

PO05 – me, ha! is it bad i have to put myself on the list?
18″ silver LOVE necklace (2)
18″ gold LOVE necklace (2)
18″ gold “wings” necklace

:) whew, getting there! i got all the bags stamped out (with cute new stamp) last night and think I can be all caught up by tonight or thursday

so excited!

*and yes, i’ve broken the jewelry out from peekay market to my company: lemonheart.
breakdown: my crap = lemonheart
wedding & event design w/ krista = peekay market!

both to be fully up and running soon!