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room x room


so finally after living in our casa for a year, i’m ready to start tackling the first step of finally getting there. i am a true believer that you should put a conscious effort into your home. i mean, come on-it’s your home. it should be cozy, warm, reflect your lives, your energy, your intentions…but with that, i also understand that means it’s a forever on-going process. as your family grows, changes, your lives, interest, etc.

BUT this week starts my room x room project.

i’m going to start in our master and work my way through every single room and start putting some of the finishing touches… i actually technically started yesterday when i finally bought some new sheets/duvet cover for our bed. i have an idea for the corner w/ a chair, pillow, rug…our closet + bathroom are pretty finished…just need 1 piece of art for our toilet room…but my biggest challenge is what to put over our bed. part of my wants a family shot…i mean it’s us, it’s our family and that equals our whole hearts. but part of me also thinks that’s a lil corny. what do you think?

what belongs over a bed?

use of a wall decal

clean blank frames

something graphic and romantic

something that promotes sleep?

a collage of something natural and organic?


what do you think? any good ideas for me?


casa de la sol


jenn came over and shot some photos of our casa :) here’s some of my fav’s – check her blog for her picks too!

check out jenn’s post here.

design/build – tres birds workshop; solar – aae solar ; kitchen – bulthaup; appliances – miele; lighting/bathroom design – the k.i.d. collective; school house sink – kohler; concrete counters/vanity – fiddlehead; couches & grey chairs – cb2


shout out to tres birds, update on de la sol & extra treat into rob’s casa


so we were lucky enough to be approached by tom who wanted to do a feature video showcasing mike moore and tres birds work. check, check, check it out.

it starts with our friend rob schuham’s home in boulder, co & then does an overview of de la sol (for those who have been requesting updated pics! ;) heeh)


de la sol


so we are down the final wire…they’re saying 1 week until we can move in. :) this project has been consuming our hearts, energy, minds, and time for the past 2 years. working intimately on the design with tres birds workshop, being put on hold until we could get comps for our appraisal and then finally the past 10 months of construction. and now it’s all coming together.

i’ve been sporadically keeping up with posting photos on our de la sol site; albeit a bit scattered and not in too many details (i kind of want to keep the surprise for friends and family that will actually see it soon) – and mike has added the project to his site as well (click on “residential” and then the squares to the far right to see his photos)

once it’s all done and cleaned out, we’ll get some full good photos to post :)


i <3 k.i.d collective


i’m lucky. i have a supportive husband and lots of talented friends that inspire me constantly. we’re fortunate to be building an incredible house from scratch, just the way we want it…and i have for the most part a very flexible work schedule.

what does all that pile up to? an amazing chance to be hands-on for this  process. now i’m definitely the type of person who sees something and while i can totally appreciate it, in the back of my mind there’s always a voice saying “i can make that”…or “i can do that”…with everything! and while at times there were def parts of me that in building this house, i thought i might know more than our architect/builder, or know what i would want without having to have any background knowledge in electrical or plumbing, etc….one thing is for sure i can clearly say now – the help of casey from k.i.d collective has been a lifesaver. i don’t know nearly as much as i pretend to and having her there to help guide our choices and just know all that background knowledge in plumbing and electrical…yeh…kind of crucial. ;)

as we’re nearing the end of this building chapter and quickly approaching the moving and living in stage it’s a bit bittersweet. there’s something so exciting about going and picking tile selections, faucets, sinks, and counter materials…but again now that i’ve been through it-entirely too daunting to have tried to tackle solo. and of course there’s a uncomprehensible anxiousness to see it all come to fruition…i’m a little sad it’s all finally wrapping up. john and i have been working on the design of this house for the past 2 years…and been in the construction phase since last july. we’ve worked with great vendors and had a mix of emotions along the way. early on, we hired casey, to help us with all the bathroom selections and our architect then hired her to help us tackle the lighting as well.  i would highly recommend casey and k.i.d collective for any project you may have. from building ground up or redecorating to making your room layouts just ‘feel better’. she’s your gal. not to mention :) she’s a good friend & in our supper clubso many many thanks to you case, and a huge round of applause for a job so very well done. :)




i love ladders. always have. when i was little i hoped and wished for a home that could house a giant library-for all the great love stories but mostly for the grand ladder that would roll along and lead me to the special kept secrets near the top. as i grew, the library dreams turn to wine cellar ;). ha but the affection for ladders remains.

here’s two applications i’ve spotted recently and also love.

as a pot rack holder

for cozy throws and quilts

…now i just need to decide how i can incorporate one into de la sol…. hmmmm… any ideas?

via 1. and 2.


chalkboard doors


so, along with help from the lovely jess, hannah + sarah – i picked my colors for the doors on the 2nd floor.

this floor has beetle kill floors & ceilings and in the two bedrooms, two walls are beetle kill & there’s some continued reclaimed brick in the living room. the bathroom is awesomely perfectly white.

this is our ‘youthful’ floor and will be the future babe’s rooms….so i thought what better place to use chalkboard paint! we’re just painting the doors, but i’m super excited about it.

here’s our color choices: