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Tiny Ball Chain Rings



So I saw these lovely yellow gold ball chain petite rings on FAB by Gabriela Artigas but of course they had sold out…so when I found them in her online store at $100 a pop (knowing of course I’d want 4, one for each finger) I knew I had to hold off and think about it.

But I couldn’t stop OBSESSING over them. I’d saved the photo + looked at it all the time!! And searched and searched, holding out hoping for a cheaper option but alas never found anything comparable.

So I figured (what I usually do)…I can make that ;)
So online purchased some small gold ball chain and connectors. This being the big difference (aside from the fact hers are yellow gold or rose gold, and mine are gold plated) hers are smoothly finished off and mine have a small connector which hides on the palm side of your finger. But at less than $1/each….I don’t care about the ghetto connector or even if the color wears and I need to make new ones in a month ;) ha!


Love love love them :)


horseshoe craft + flea market


a friend of mine is starting a craft + flea market in the highlands and i couldn’t be more excited about it :)

if you are interested in being a vendor or know someone, please pass along the info! it’s a great price for starting and emerging artist, DIYers, crafters, and designers! Good luck to all and hope to see you there!


ruffles are my favorite


lately :)

here’s a rad DIY felt ruffle pillow

[first found on]


moss graffiti


as you can guess, ha i never actually got around to creating my green wall of succulents–talked about it many many times, even picked out which succulents i wanted to use, but alas as with many ideas–just not time and not enough of a drive to actually get it done, though it still remains on my never-ending to do at some point list……..

but then i just also came across this! moss graffiti, not sure how the moss would do in the dry colorado climate, but i plan on looking into it ;)


inside might be my only option w/ the dry climate but i think it's pretty rad.

inside might be my only option w/ the dry climate but i think it's pretty rad.


DIY: make your own flower bling


ha, i didn’t quite know what to call it. It can be attached to a satin ribbon and used as a belt. It can attached to a shorter string or ribbon and be used as a necklace, laced through a headband, it could be pinned onto a shirt as a little flavor–the options are endless. :)


fabric flowers or fabric to make your own flowers



ribbon/string/yard/safety pin

hot glue gun

pick out fabric flowers that you like, i used 2 from forever21 headbands (that I just ripped off of their headbands), and 1 from a little girls scrunchies from target. for doily flowers – use two small doilies, in alternative styles…in one – cut a small hole in the center, layer the other on top and pull through to create the ruched affect, play with to create the flower look you like. arrange all flowers in an order that’s appealing to your eye and hot glue to a piece of felt.



allow to fully dry and hot glue two strips of ribbon to the felt, that create almost ‘belt loops’ for your flower piece – this gives it the flexibility to string a ribbon through for a belt, yarn through for a necklace, or attach safety pins to pin onto your shirt.



update! i found this similar DIY sewed version tutorial on Heart of Light – check it here!


DIY: make your own napkins


[final product picture won’t load for some reason, will re-take when i get home tonight and update soon….]

1. buy a few yards of whatever material you’d like to use–i bought a heavier muslin fabric (about 3.99/yard at joann’s)

2. buy a linocut block & carving set (about $6-7 total)

3. buy whatever color you prefer of a fabric washable paint (i bought black, also from joann’s about $3)

*cut your fabric into your desired size rectangles or squares for napkins.

*Carve your design into the linocut block, I choose to do silverware–the thing to remember with linocuts is you need to do your design backwards, so that it stamps out correctly. I suggest drawing it out on paper first, tracing it in a black sharpie and flip the paper over so you see the outline in the reverse. Using a pencil redraw directly onto your linocut block. Using your carving tools, carve out and remove the negative space. (This is really fun to play with, try carving out your design but also try leaving the negative space…linocuts are super easy, fairly inexpensive, and really fun to play around with….)

UPDATE! u.o. has posted a DIY block printer video which happens to go into details on how to create a linocut, watch it here….

Here’s my stamp.


*Using a paperplate, or a washable plastic plate – pour a generous amount of your fabric paint/dye (nothing too liquidy!) and paint onto your linocut stamp.

*If you’re using a thicker paint (which I suggest) and you’ve painted it on pretty thick, stamp onto a paper-towel first to get rid of excess and confirm that your stamp looks the way you want it too. Once you’ve got the amounts and linocuts right – stamp directly onto the fabric (best to be working on cardboard or old newspaper incase it bleeds through). My fabric paint didn’t bleed through – again test it out and work around finding what amounts and fabrics work best for you.IMG_3124

*Allow to air-dry for a couple hours – up to 24 depending on the size of your stamp and amount of ink/paint used. Use an iron to heat press your design into the fabric (don’t use steam or follow the directions on your paint bottle)IMG_3125

*fold over your edges and sew to create a closed edge around perimeter of the napkin – wash and use!


DIY: window films


this art project came via Design*Sponge and is awesome. cheap and easy it can completely transform the feeling in a room.


–paint pen (i bought white in a medium point-obviously get “fine” if you’re looking for more details)

–clear contact paper (like $5 at target)

–razor blade

Find a window, mirror, piece of glass that needs a little revamp. For our project we used an internal door, with 3 windows, leading from our kitchen to our mudroom/laundry room. Another idea would be if your cupboards have a clear or frosted glass front.

Measure out 1/2″ wide all the way around from your chosen area and cut the contact paper, lay flat (probably want to bind the corners down with heavy books, so they don’t roll), and draw! Draw anything you can think of. A bird house, flowers, doodles, words, whatever….leave to dry for 15 minutes, slowly start peeling away at one corner and press flat against your surface, peeling away as you press down, use the razor blade to remove the excess 1/2″ around the sides, and the flat end to push out any air bubbles.


Picture 003

or here’s another shot with the kitchen lights on…standing out in the laundry room

Picture 002

and the best part?! totally temporary! contact paper easily can be removed and changed out for seasons, special events, dinner parties, or if you just get bored.

love it.

…another idea would be adding something to a picture frame-depending on if you wanted it to be temporary or not, you could draw directly on the glass frame or create a clear contact paper “frame” within a frame, or stupid/funny captions, etc. the options are endless. go craft something up!

photos by: me