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happy easter weekend


anyone up to anything fun? rwd is still too young to know what’s going on, but i bought him a cute bunny book anyway. i can’t wait for next year and hiding eggs, i find myself already secretly making a mental note of good hiding spots around our house. ;)

these peep smores found on kate spade’s tumblr via sittinginatreeblog are amazing! hope everyone has a good one!


probably one of the coolest wedding shots i’ve seen


spotted on 100 layer cake

our friend, miss jenna is heading off to Hawaii at the end of the month, :) lucky lady! Don’t worry, I’m giving her money so she can load me up with all my favorite snacks. Red Coconut Balls, Li Hing Mui Umeboshi, Mango Strips, and shredded mango!


turkey – duck, whatever


happy turkey day.

enjoy these duckfaces while you eat your little hearts out. ;)


[via benjon]


calendar swap!


ha…do you remember when you used to get chain letters via snail mail and it would instruct you to send like a pair of socks to 6 people and the letter out to another 6 or something? i vaugely remember it a few times hitting the good old mailbox, of course w/ email it’s turned into junk chain letter mass emails daily (of which ALL i ignore, no matter how important, precious or sincere they are…sorry…just me-i no likey)

well…bringing it back old school i decided today to participate in my favorite things’ calendar swap. i love calendars…always have…and have been actually toying around with some ideas of making my own…so i figured i should just do it and sign up. click the button below to sign up! must do by Nov 16th!

maybe i’m getting old. :) anyway, here’s some of my fav calendars out there thus far:
this one (found via design*sponge)
and this fun little one
oohhh and this one
and of course this one ;) aka this one

update! got my calendar swap person today!!! and she’s from WA, it’s meant to be. 206, whattup! hah




how am i supposed to get any work done when i can just click this to watch my pup play all day?!


[she’s in indoor area 3, the one that falls down a lot ;) ha]


i lova her.


j 007
my pup has been walking around a ton. i :) am so happy she’s recovering, although no where near 100% yet (if ever) but i lova her all the same.

and everytime i try to take a picture of her, the first thing she does is run up right under me, sit on my feet and stare straight up and bark :) ha.
j 005


it’s official!


peekay llc is official and open for buisness!

krist and i today got everything set up and are ready to design weddings, baby showers, birthday and any other small event you might need help with!

website coming within the next few months…

peekay event introduction