Babe Brunch Uno



So it’s the summer of bebes! We’ve got babes due each month in our friend group from now thru Jan!!

Next up is Jess, since it’s everyone’s seconds we wanna keep thing simple but sweet-here’s my honey shower::

She wanted to eat brunch out so we decided on Table 6, cute joint, yummy food and nice atmosphere. To make it a lil more special though we brought in some simple decorations.

Burlap square for the center of the table
Dried wheat in a vintage milk jar
Hand-sewn personalized napkins
Handmade lavender honey lollipops
Honey stir sticks with a fresh mint sprig in each water glass
And honey favors.

Nothing fancy but just enough to add a personal handmade touch

Lovely <;;3

Sources:: burlap-by the yard from JoAnns, wheat-floral section of Michaels, vintage milk jar-borrowed from a friend, napkins-BBB, gold string for names-Michaels, lollipops with lavender from Savory Spice Shop, honey stirrers, mint-from my backyard, and bulk honey in jars-from World Market with a clean simple craft sticker.

Much love to Miss Kate M Carroll for the help :)


One comment

  1. Paige Nykole, you are the only woman in the world who would call “hand-sewn personalized napkins” “nothing fancy.” :)

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