Day 8, #30daysofGOODFOOD – homemade almond milk


So I was going to double down yesterday, but alas ended up doing so today to make up for Fridays skip…
So I just made some homemade almond milk. Mmmmm and srsly- so easy!
The only downfall is that since almond milk is so readily available and it’s not a huge cost savings to make on your own, there may not appear to be much motivation to do so-but the homemade stuff is soooo creamy and delicious and since it happens to be easy and not require a lot I have a feeling we will be making our own often in the future.

Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk

Grocery List
1 lb raw almonds (costs roughly $3.99)
4.5 C water
Flour Sack
if you like it sweetened like we do
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 swirls agave

Soak your almonds over night or 8-12 hrs-drain


Put in blender with water (if doing a full pound I’d recommend doing in two batches to make a bit easier).

Blend on high or liquify for about 20 seconds.


Put a strainer over a bowl (this photo from after my first blending batch)


Top with a flour sack and pour blender contents. You’ll hear the liquid start to drain through. The strainer isn’t a fully necessary step just gives your contents something to sit on…


Pick up the flour sack and squeeze all the milk out. This takes roughly 30 seconds to a minute…not long.


If sweetening-add 2 tsp vanilla extract and 3 swirls the size of the bowl of agave (or just play around with it to taste) stir up or quickly reblend. Pour into container and it’ll last about 2 wks in the fridge.

I cheated and tasted mine with some frozen girl scout thin mints ;)

Then as a bonus- take the left-over almond meal from the flour sack and lay out on a baking sheet. Bake for an hr at 350–it’ll start to clump up, drizzle with agave and eat with almond milk as a cereal or add to your favorite granola. I’m also going to look into a face/body scrub DIY – if I find a good one. I’ll post that too ;)



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