Day 4, #30daysofGOODFOOD – apricot coins


So last night I hosted mama’s night – a monthly: venting, let’s eat good food, drink wine, let our babes play, and ask all the weird questions about our children or our own bodies that aren’t socially acceptable to bring up over coffee necessarily ;) group of some of my friends who are mamas of bebes ranging from currently preggo to just over 2 yrs old…. So knowing that a lot of them feeding 2, breastfeeding, or just constantly worn out – I wasn’t comfortable going full on vegan dinner ~ so I went with dessert. mmmm, my favorite. This one is super easy and tasty and I could make earlier in the day while rwd took his nap.

Apricot Coins

1C carob chips
1/8C maple syrup
40 dried turkish apricots
40 raw almonds

In a double broiler (or I used a glass bowl on top of a pot) heat carob chips + maple syrup until heated through. Cover and turn off heat for 5-10 mins allowing chips to fully melt. Meanwhile, using the bottom of a cup, flatten apricots to 1/4″ thick. Spread melted carob/syrup mix on top of apricots + press raw almond in the center. Voila. Couldn’t be quicker or simpler. Allow to harden (either at room temp if you’ve got the time, or chilled if you’re in more of a rush). The protein and vitamin E in the almonds is an added bonus to this delicious and not too sweet treat. Enjoy!



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  1. Sounds amazing!!

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