Day 2, #30daysofGOODFOOD – Fava Bean Dip


I la la love fava beans, and the first time we had this dip was in Cali this past summer – Nubbs + Hoef have a fava bean plant [lucky ducks] and Hoef whipped this up. It’s great because it’s easy to remember and doesn’t require measurements…fava beans can be a pain to work with though so you have to have a lil patience there. They’re definitely a summer veggie so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I found them at Sunflower market the other day! Oh glorious glorious fava beans, I would eat you up daily if you didn’t take 5 billion steps ;)

Fava Bean Dip


1. This is what fava beans look like – during summer they’re in loose by the bulk salad at whole foods, at Sunflower recently they were in a saran-wrap “sunflower market” packet by like their guac kits…The first step is to split open the pods and pull out the beans from their velvety little love cushions


2. Here’s the beans I extracted, give these a quick rinse and place in boiling water for about 4-5 minutes…blanch under cold water so they’re manageable and peel away their outer layer. It’s almost like a lil jacket…


3. So here’s the insides – this is the golden nugget, again time consuming but oh so delicious – take these and place in a saucepan w/ olive oil over medium heat. I just do enough olive oil to coat them all, so maybe for this size bunch about 1 1/2 tbs…stir constantly to goal isn’t to really “cook” them, just to heat them up enough so you can mash them…using the back of a spoon constantly press and mash until you have a good paste.

4. Meanwhile, finely chop up a sprig or two of rosemary. Once all your beans are mashed, add rosemary, 2 cloves garlic minced and additional olive oil until it’s a consistency you like.


Serve w/ toasted bread [most breads are going to be vegan, but double check your labels if you’re concerned…]


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