fig mole pork w/ goat cheese + ribbon squash salad


grocery list
fig mole pork
12 dried mission figs, de-stemmed
3/4C tawny port
3/4C coconut oil, separated
1 slice white bread [we used hawaiian bread]
small onion, diced finely
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 pasilla chiles [i found these at sunflower]
2 ancho chiles [i used dried since it was all i could find]
1/4C raisins [i also didn’t have, so i ended up using craisins]
2C low sodium chicken broth
1 1/2Tbs dark brown sugar
1/4tsp ground cinnamon
pinch ground all spice
2 pork tenderloins [whole foods was out, so i bought two thick cut chops and 2 thin cut chops]
1oz bittersweet chocolate [i don’t even know what bittersweet chocolate is, but i bought unsweetened and hoped for the best ;) ha]
1/3C warm water
goat cheese + ribbon squash salad
1 1/2lb small yellow squash
1 1/2lb zucchini
5Tbs white whine vinegar or champagne vinegar [i used 4 of white and 1 of champagne because i ran out of white]
1/3C olive oil
1Tbs julienned basil
1Tbs julienne mint
1Tbs chopped chives
6oz goat cheese crumbles
2Tbs toasted pine nuts [i used raw because i was running late and didn’t have time to toast them]

fig mole pork
serves 4
1. in a medium saucepan – add the figs to the port and simmer over moderate heat until it reduces by 1/2…roughly 10 mins.
2. in a small skillet – heat 2 Tbs oil over moderate high heat and toast both sides of the bread, roughly 3 mins…then set aside on a paper towel to drain of excess oil.
3. in a large saucepan – heat 1 Tbs oil and saute onions + garlic until golden over medium heat, roughly 7 minutes. add chiles, raisins, broth, brown sugar, spices, toasted piece of bread, and add fig/port. [i left my bread whole and cut the chiles into quarters so they were covered by the broth]. simmer for 20 mins until chiles are softened. *[make squash salad]*
4. pour mole mix into a blender and puree. press through a strainer w/ the back of a spoon and discard all solid pieces [this was semi annoying but worth it. i thought i had pureed it fairly well but discarded quite a bit that didn’t get through the strainer.
5. heat 1Tbs oil until shimmery and add strained mole back to heat through. once heated through, remove from heat + add chocolate and warm water, mix well until chocolate is melted. replace over burner and keep mole sauce warm.
6. heat remaining oil and cook pork until brown on both sides and rosy in the center, roughly 12 mins total. turn only once. once cook – set aside on a plate and let meat rest for 5 mins.
7. plate mole sauce, top with pork – enjoy!

goat cheese ribbon squash salad
serves 4-6
while mole sauce above is simmering – boil salted water in a large pot.
1. add squash to boiling water and cook for 1 1/2 minutes. drain and set aside to allow to cool.
2. once squash is cooled enough to handle, use a mandolin or sharp knife and slice lengthwise thinly.
3. in a small bowl, mix vinegar, oil + S+P.
4. in a large mixing bowl, place squash ribbons and top w/ vinegar mix – and herbs. toss gently.
5. transfer to plates or serving bowl and top w/ goat cheese crumbles and pine nuts. enjoy!


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