chicken w/ red wine vinegar, tomato + shallots


grocery list:
serves 4
8 chicken thighs
3/4C red wine vinegar
1/2C chicken stock
1Tbs agave
1/4C tomato sauce
2Tbs unsalted butter (we used coconut oil)
3/4C thinly sliced shallots (about 3 med size)
2Tbs minced garlic (not sure how many cloves we buy pre-minced in the jar)
3/4C dry white wine
2Tbs creme fraiche (used almond milk for john’s)
3Tbs chopped tarragon
*preferred to cook in a ceramic or clay pot – we used our le cruset

1. rinse chicken thighs, trim/clean, pat dry + season w/ S+P – let stand at room temp while preparing the sauce.
2. In med saucepan, combine vinegar*, chicken stock, agave, and tomato sauce. Boil until reduced to 3/4C (about 12-15 mins) remove from heat, but keep warm.
3. Set ceramic skillet/pot over medium-high heat. Add butter [we used coconut oil to keep dairy free, coconut handles the heat better than olive oil – but if you don’t mind the splatter olive oil would work as well, coconut oil is great for you and has a fragrance but no coconut flavor…] when butter is foaming (or oil is hot), add half the chicken and brown on both sides- about 6-8 mins. Transfer to a plate + repeat with remaining chicken.
4. Add shallots + garlic to skillet, cook slowly until soft – about 5 mins. Pour warm sauce into pan and slowly bring to a boil. Return chicken and 2 pinches salt and 1 pinch pepper. Slowly add in wine. Cover, raise heat to medium and simmer until chicken is tender- about 20 mins.
5. Stir in creme fraiche** and boil for a few mins, stirring frequently. Top with chopped tarragon.

*i actually ended up running short on red wine vinegar, it’s one of those things that just sort of sits in the drawer and you sort of think you always have…to make your own use the ratio 3:1 for apple cider vinegar + red wine.
**this is great if you decided to make the squash/mushroom/gruyere tart recipe, because you’ll have left-over creme fraiche! :)

-sorry rwd was losing it since he slept a whooping 20 mins all day, so we rushed through dinner and i didn’t snap a photo. we served w/ toasted bread and a mixed greens salad.


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