slow cooker – 40 clove chicken


Preface – two things that i highly recommend that aren’t necessarily required for this recipe are: a garlic peeler and a metal bar soap.

slow-cooker chicken w/ 40 cloves of garlic
serves 4-6

grocery list
1/2C dry white wine
large pinch saffron threads
6 skinless chicken thighs
6 skinless chicken drumsticks
3Tbs unsalted butter
2 leeks, white + tender green parts only – coarsely chopped
1/8tsp freshly grated nutmeg
2 1/2C chicken stock
1/4C sherry
3 large heads of garlic, separated into 40 cloves (make sure to hand-pull these apart, none of the cloves should have any raw part exposed)
1/3C nicoise olives
1/3C picholine olives
Toasted Bread, for serving

1. Pour 1/4C of the wine into a small bowl. Crumble the saffron and let stand 5 mins. On a large rimmed baking sheet, drizzle saffron wine over chicken + rub in – let stand 10 mins.
2. Meanwhile, in a skillet, melt the butter. Add the leeks and cook over medium heat, stirring, until softened about 5 mins. Stir in the nutmeg and remaining 1/4C of wine. Simmer for 1 min. Add stock + sherry; bring to a boil. Transfer to a slow cooker.
3. Season the chicken w/ S+P, add to slow cooker. Nestle in garlic cloves. Cover + cook on high 2 1/2 hrs, shifting the chicken and garlic around a few times, until chicken is cooked through and garlic is soft. Add the olives and cook for 15 mins. Season w/ S+P.
4. Serve the chicken stew in shallow bowls with toasted bread for spreading the garlic on and dunking.

*we had two last minute guests on this so i ended up serving over rice to make it spread a lil further. i also messed up and ended up cutting the edges off the garlic so parts were exposed which did end up making it a bit too garlicky. i would either cut it back to 20ish cloves or be sure that no raw parts are exposed. we served w/ a ciabatta bread. and again since we had extra last minute guests i threw together some beet relish + goat cheese topped w/ watercress served on wheat thins to get people started.


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