so i’m super into manicures lately, which is semi stupid because i’m still at a point where it’s very plausible for me to stick my fingers in rwd’s mouth numerous times a day…BUT i can’t help but 1. use up this last bit of summer for a lil fun like these:

and 2. get anxious for fall and winter parties where i can do it up like these:

…do you have a fav style to do your nails? or do you keep it simple?

a fun way i’ve been mixing it up lately, is just classic solid nails – but my ring finger on each hand (and matching for the toes) a different shade. it’s a much more subtle take to funking it out…


  1. These are so fancy! I’m totally going to try something fancy like this. I just wish nail polish dried in two seconds because the instant I put it on the baby inevitably poops or something.

  2. I’ve been obsessed with nails lately too. So many fun colors and variations. When I painted my nails in an ombre style, each one a different shade of blue or green, I realized I need to stop buying nail polish if I have that many!

  3. I’ve always been more of a nude girl, but lately I’ve been rocking bright red. It makes me feel fancy. I’m actually on a plane right now, and painted them in the airport. They don’t need to be perfect–it’s the impression from afar that gets me. :)

    I can’t wait for fall to totally kick in so I can wear all the darker colors I have. I’ve done them a couple of times over the summer, since SF feels like winter in the summer, and regretted it when I see all the happy tourists with their bright pinks.

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