room x room


so finally after living in our casa for a year, i’m ready to start tackling the first step of finally getting there. i am a true believer that you should put a conscious effort into your home. i mean, come on-it’s your home. it should be cozy, warm, reflect your lives, your energy, your intentions…but with that, i also understand that means it’s a forever on-going process. as your family grows, changes, your lives, interest, etc.

BUT this week starts my room x room project.

i’m going to start in our master and work my way through every single room and start putting some of the finishing touches… i actually technically started yesterday when i finally bought some new sheets/duvet cover for our bed. i have an idea for the corner w/ a chair, pillow, rug…our closet + bathroom are pretty finished…just need 1 piece of art for our toilet room…but my biggest challenge is what to put over our bed. part of my wants a family shot…i mean it’s us, it’s our family and that equals our whole hearts. but part of me also thinks that’s a lil corny. what do you think?

what belongs over a bed?

use of a wall decal

clean blank frames

something graphic and romantic

something that promotes sleep?

a collage of something natural and organic?


what do you think? any good ideas for me?



  1. We are having the same dilemma! We have a 10 ft ceiling in our master so the thought of putting something there is overwhelming. Plus, Dusty is worried that if I put anything above our bed, it will kill us if there’s an earthquake in the middle of the night. I’m interested in hearing about what you decide to do!

  2. I agree with you that it’s a house in the begining and becomes a home with time. I have yet to put anything above my bed either. I am thinking something that makes you truely want to be in your room. So maybe something similar to those pictures frames but with black and white photos with your family and mix in some art or scenory that describes your family? Like if it were up to Nick next to his photo would be a del taco sign? lol.. Looking forward to what you decided ;)

  3. I like the idea of something graphic and romantic ;) however, I also like the idea of the family photos…it’s a hard decision! You will figure it out!

  4. i like graphic and romantic…..i think you’d come up with something super cool. show your finished room!


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