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yes, please!


room x room


so finally after living in our casa for a year, i’m ready to start tackling the first step of finally getting there. i am a true believer that you should put a conscious effort into your home. i mean, come on-it’s your home. it should be cozy, warm, reflect your lives, your energy, your intentions…but with that, i also understand that means it’s a forever on-going process. as your family grows, changes, your lives, interest, etc.

BUT this week starts my room x room project.

i’m going to start in our master and work my way through every single room and start putting some of the finishing touches… i actually technically started yesterday when i finally bought some new sheets/duvet cover for our bed. i have an idea for the corner w/ a chair, pillow, rug…our closet + bathroom are pretty finished…just need 1 piece of art for our toilet room…but my biggest challenge is what to put over our bed. part of my wants a family shot…i mean it’s us, it’s our family and that equals our whole hearts. but part of me also thinks that’s a lil corny. what do you think?

what belongs over a bed?

use of a wall decal

clean blank frames

something graphic and romantic

something that promotes sleep?

a collage of something natural and organic?


what do you think? any good ideas for me?


10 yr reunion


ha. so i had my 10 yr high school reunion last night. and actually it wasn’t so bad. there wasn’t a huge turn-out, but it was fun all the same. because of facebook it’s so easy to stalk friends and know what they are up to, so there wasn’t much awkwardness and only a few folks whom i looked at and literally had no recognition whatsoever, many i have know for literally 20+ years — which is super weird to say by the way — since i went from a feeder elementary into a feeder jr. high to my high school…so a lot of it was questions about siblings and parents. :)

i didn’t take any photos…which i semi regret, but again with facebook there really isn’t much of a need. i would say overall – of those who came, a good chunk are exactly how i remembered. the popular girls are still the popular girls, who’s table ‘grew’ by the evening of by-standers still wanting to be included. the boys are still the boys, with their jokes, strong friendship bonds, and entertaining skills. and the sweethearts are still super sweet. overall here’s how my top 5 ┬ápersonal awards break out:

1. sweetest – most definitely gennie meints now mccabe. she married a fellow classmate and just looked so beautiful last night. she’s the sweet kind of soul that makes you smile deep down and i just wanted to run up and hug her.

2. still got it – james walker. he was adorable in school and is still looking good. ;)

3. stepped it up – ryan hill. he was so shy in school and i’m super stoked to see he’s doing so well and has started his own successful small company.

4. wowza – chris alexander or as he now goes by – alexander xtopher. ;) he went from my youngest lil buddy…with dark shaggy hair + big harry potter glasses to gay male model bombshell. i mean dude, looks good.

5. just how i pictured – allison schroeder, now peterson. i’ve known allison for YEARS and she’s exactly how i would picture her now. smart, sweet, successful and w/ a beautiful baby boy, genuine husband + still part of a crazy athletic family



:) it was great to see many that i know i’d have no reason for our paths to cross and wish everyone luck for the next 10 and say ‘here’s to our upcoming 20!’