in need of a pool tote



so i’m in a need of a good pool tote.

casey, abbey or kate – i’m hoping you’ll pull through for me with suggestions ;) it’s gotta be big – i need to carry a blanket, two towels, snacks, change of clothes/diapers for lil man, water, etc…

here’s some that i’m currently interested in:

and this one is my favorite – though i don’t think i’d justify spending $110 on a pool tote…

any of the above stand out? or any other great favorites i’m missing?



  1. Lands End Totes are a classic..quality, durable canvas. :)

  2. […] blog + gnarly makes three… « in need of a pool tote linen pool towel 2011/07/15 i’m what you could consider an impulse shopper. ha. […]

  3. thx kate! just bought some baggu bags (for fun) and actually got one at target that seems decent – but needs some alterations ;) …good thing i know how to sew now :0 haha ;)

  4. probably not big enough, but Rib & Hull have some really chic, organic cotton totes. The striped ones are to die for.

    • i’ve been eyeing those latex dip ones too for a minute. <3 thx for the suggestion sara!

  5. I would look for a big vintage straw bag. I’ve been loving them lately and found an awesome one in a vintage store last week for $15. Here’s a good alternative. I think the straw wears better with water than a canvas will, plus it feels summery.

  6. i agree with casey, i’m kinda loving a straw bag…but also I like to wear a big straw hat…sooo, too much straw??

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