ohhh sookie


so in a bout of craziness. we adopted another dog. (finally, i have an excuse for the collar! ;) of course which i instantly purchased) ha-yes, for those that know me…i’m still the one who weekly says “ahhh, i’m so over gnarly – she woke rocco up again…” and have in the past said “let’s just get rid of her!” – of course that was just talking, i really don’t think i could ever consider it. ;)

but on highlands mommies (the mom mafia of our neighborhood) i saw a posting “need good home for our 3 y/o bernese mt dog” ha so i instantly emailed and asked if she was still available and if we could come meet her that evening. john, rocco + i went to visit and meet her, with gnarly in tow. they got along great! we took the night to think it over and the next day at 3:30 we were picking her up.

gnarly on the left, sookie on the right

she’s extremely sweet. only 2 weeks younger than gnarly and about the same size. her name was sierra, but we’ve changed it to sookie. yes as in sookie stackhouse. (click here if you have no idea what i’m talking about) she instantly bonded with us and is day by day becoming more a part of our family.

and our family, occasionally, includes riley 



One comment

  1. So glad to see someone I know stepped up to take that pup! I read it on Highland Mommies and instantly thought of you or the Loepperts and your berners. It looks like she fits right in!

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