hi. wtf have i been!?


so it appears i’ve been missing from blog land – and that’s as in: writing on my own + reading other people’s. i swear…it’s retarded how quickly time goes and how i always feel behind. even with rwd goes to bed at a decent time, i always find myself doing things that i’m sure aren’t that important, yet aren’t the good – uber relaxing things (like blog surfing) either… =/ i haven’t quite found the balance of it all.

ANYWAY! the quick down and dirty…. we just got back from a wk trip to the Cape. it was great. i love that place. i am already trying to talk john into us getting a house for a month next summer where lil man and i can hang and he can come visit for the first week and last week of the month… think he’ll do it? :) we spent time in the water – on the bay side…in some fresh water ponds + hanging with fam. overall it was a relaxing week in the sun with good friends.

and i’ve become utterly and absolutely obsessed with this braid.

ha, i honestly don’t even know how many times a day i look at it on my phone. i’ve decided that it would be my dream to fully recreate it – but two problems. 1. my hair isn’t long enough and 2. i wouldn’t take the time to fish bone braid it daily even if i knew how to (i don’t know even how to french braid hair…) – SO that leaves me with a fire-burning desire and no chance of attainment. i am, however, planning on doing it up my own way. i bought some wefts and am going to get them put in on friday and am hoping that i’ll get a look that’s fun for daily summer wear (down, pony or in a (plain/normal) braid) until it grows out a bit more…

….and speaking of hair, i finally did something to my own. i shaved my head just over 4 years ago because it was so damaged from dying, straight ironing etc, i just needed to start fresh. then i did nothing as it grew out…and by nothing i mean not even cuts which of course made it an awful grow out, so i ended up shaving it again. then i found niki, who saved me as it grew out this time around and then of course i did my own subtle ombre a few weeks back. but just before leaving for our vacay, i had carissa do a lil lightening and a keratin treatment. i’m soooo in love. i haven’t been able to just wash and go with my hair, ha ever (well besides when it was shaved =P ha) and it just feels good to not only not have to worry about it but esp be able to not worry and wear it down. :) photos of the rainbow bright experience to come later this week. ;)


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