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eli’s bday bash


our handsome lil friend eli is turning 1 and his fab parents kate + chuck thew him a bday bash. – that was cowboys + indian themed ;) LOVE IT. and love him!

happy happy berfday you wonderful lil man – we all love you sooooo much!

linen pool towel


i’m what you could consider an impulse shopper. ha. like big time.

i just spotted linen towels on jora’s domestic reflections blog and of course instantly ordered up some for myself. the idea of it seems amazing – and like jora says super multi-function. a towel, a wrap/sarong, nursing cover, blanket, thin cover for the stroller, etc… i can’t wait for them to come!!!

i decided to go with these two

and this one – to be able to see the difference between the cotton and linen versions

and then this set – my size + rwd size ;)

still semi on the hard hunt for a good pool tote too!


in need of a pool tote



so i’m in a need of a good pool tote.

casey, abbey or kate – i’m hoping you’ll pull through for me with suggestions ;) it’s gotta be big – i need to carry a blanket, two towels, snacks, change of clothes/diapers for lil man, water, etc…

here’s some that i’m currently interested in:

and this one is my favorite – though i don’t think i’d justify spending $110 on a pool tote…

any of the above stand out? or any other great favorites i’m missing?


ohhh sookie


so in a bout of craziness. we adopted another dog. (finally, i have an excuse for the collar! ;) of course which i instantly purchased) ha-yes, for those that know me…i’m still the one who weekly says “ahhh, i’m so over gnarly – she woke rocco up again…” and have in the past said “let’s just get rid of her!” – of course that was just talking, i really don’t think i could ever consider it. ;)

but on highlands mommies (the mom mafia of our neighborhood) i saw a posting “need good home for our 3 y/o bernese mt dog” ha so i instantly emailed and asked if she was still available and if we could come meet her that evening. john, rocco + i went to visit and meet her, with gnarly in tow. they got along great! we took the night to think it over and the next day at 3:30 we were picking her up.

gnarly on the left, sookie on the right

she’s extremely sweet. only 2 weeks younger than gnarly and about the same size. her name was sierra, but we’ve changed it to sookie. yes as in sookie stackhouse. (click here if you have no idea what i’m talking about) she instantly bonded with us and is day by day becoming more a part of our family.

and our family, occasionally, includes riley 



hi. wtf have i been!?


so it appears i’ve been missing from blog land – and that’s as in: writing on my own + reading other people’s. i swear…it’s retarded how quickly time goes and how i always feel behind. even with rwd goes to bed at a decent time, i always find myself doing things that i’m sure aren’t that important, yet aren’t the good – uber relaxing things (like blog surfing) either… =/ i haven’t quite found the balance of it all.

ANYWAY! the quick down and dirty…. we just got back from a wk trip to the Cape. it was great. i love that place. i am already trying to talk john into us getting a house for a month next summer where lil man and i can hang and he can come visit for the first week and last week of the month… think he’ll do it? :) we spent time in the water – on the bay side…in some fresh water ponds + hanging with fam. overall it was a relaxing week in the sun with good friends.

and i’ve become utterly and absolutely obsessed with this braid.

ha, i honestly don’t even know how many times a day i look at it on my phone. i’ve decided that it would be my dream to fully recreate it – but two problems. 1. my hair isn’t long enough and 2. i wouldn’t take the time to fish bone braid it daily even if i knew how to (i don’t know even how to french braid hair…) – SO that leaves me with a fire-burning desire and no chance of attainment. i am, however, planning on doing it up my own way. i bought some wefts and am going to get them put in on friday and am hoping that i’ll get a look that’s fun for daily summer wear (down, pony or in a (plain/normal) braid) until it grows out a bit more…

….and speaking of hair, i finally did something to my own. i shaved my head just over 4 years ago because it was so damaged from dying, straight ironing etc, i just needed to start fresh. then i did nothing as it grew out…and by nothing i mean not even cuts which of course made it an awful grow out, so i ended up shaving it again. then i found niki, who saved me as it grew out this time around and then of course i did my own subtle ombre a few weeks back. but just before leaving for our vacay, i had carissa do a lil lightening and a keratin treatment. i’m soooo in love. i haven’t been able to just wash and go with my hair, ha ever (well besides when it was shaved =P ha) and it just feels good to not only not have to worry about it but esp be able to not worry and wear it down. :) photos of the rainbow bright experience to come later this week. ;)