bensimon vs toms


so i love my bensimon shoes. over the past two years i’ve bought the lace-ups, these hightops and just this morning purchased the slip-ons. and while i’m in a lil bit of a spoil myself with some online shopping while little man takes a nap sort of a mood…i was just going to get a new pair of toms and realized…are they too similiar?

what do you think? bensimon vs toms, which one wins…or are they equally good and worth a double-down? …i actually think if i add a new pair of toms to my shoe collection, i’ll end up getting the cordones, but…


  1. My baby’s napping too! (on me..)
    And this does not answer your question but have you seeeeen the Tiny Toms?! Everleigh Rose is wishing for black sparkle Tiny Toms. They are adorable!

    • Yes! Adorbs! :) have you seen zuzii? On etsy? I’m getting RWD a pair of sandals for summer that are also quite cute! Ha I’ll post them!

  2. Oh, my, so cute! Especially on his chubby little feets. Love it!

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