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larson fam


so melissa’s sister- carissa asked if i’d take some casual shots of their adorable lil fam…here’s a couple of my favs.


little man’s shoes


so speaking of shoes, i think it’s about time to get rwd a pair. i initially bought him the zuzii boots, which ha the time came and past where they would fit him and he actually never wore them =/ but they’re adorable and i’m holding out hope that should we have a second bebe we’ll use them then ;)

BUT we’re not close to taking steps yet, but i would like to have some sort of sun protection for him this summer and i’m debating between the following:

the zuzii shoe

the pedi peds christopher

..what do you think? do you have a favorite babe shoe brand, that i’m missing out on?

…and then of course i can’t wait until he can fit into tiny toms! ;)

…i also broke down and had to buy the zuzii sandals today, which obviously are just for fun, since not functional for moving around/nor good for sun protection, but his fred flinstone feet will be AMAZING in them




bensimon vs toms


so i love my bensimon shoes. over the past two years i’ve bought the lace-ups, these¬†hightops and just this morning purchased the slip-ons. and while i’m in a lil bit of a spoil myself with some online shopping while little man takes a nap sort of a mood…i was just going to get a new pair of toms and realized…are they too similiar?

what do you think? bensimon¬†vs toms, which one wins…or are they equally good and worth a double-down? …i actually think if i add a new pair of toms to my shoe collection, i’ll end up getting the cordones, but…