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so john + i knew that developing a community here in colorado was going to be vital to us wanting to stay and really put down roots. as soon we as started designing our home, community was always in the forefront of our thoughts. we feel our home is very intentional… no space too big or wasted, all spaces share and vibe off each other from the inside out.
once i found out i was having a babe, i knew having a strong group of (strong) mama’s around me was going to be really important. to learn from, to share in this adventure with…and now that rwd is here-this group of women i’ve connected myself with have been my saving grace. being a mom is tough. in ways you’d never expect…and being able to talk to someone who is going through the same thing or can at least somewhat relate has pulled me from ppd back into the real world. i’m so thankful for my group of mama friends :)
once a month i host a mama’s night…there are about 16 or so women invited and usually about 8-12 are able to make it. we all have bebes within a year of each other and we just collect and eat, drink wine, share stories…and let the bebes play. today to mix it up a bit, we switched from our normal mama’s night and had a sat bbq with papa’s invited too.
here’s some photos :)

smoked ribs all day

way, h + savannah

this open tent was a hit

way way!!

3 wk old baby josh

love this fam

eli dropped his bone

he got a new one ;)

mama helen + phoebe

em + jess

passed out ethan

eli + soren

kate, ethan + mama sus

soren + mama adrienne

mama jess + emma

mama melissa + mason

4 wks old mason

daddy steve + ethan

waylon eating

my boys

future daughter ;)

sweet phoebe

miss emma james


rwd + eli