mama’s night


so i have a group of mama’s that are basically my new lifeline. truly-being a mom is hard. and it’s annoying to complain about to non-mom friends…so having these ladies in my life is making a huge difference. once a month, i host a mama’s night…i invite over 15 or so of my fav local mama’s with babes under 2 y/o for food, wine, and babe play time. it’s a bit chaos and loud… :) but oh so enjoyable. these ladies are incredible. and having a community for rwd to grow up in is priceless.

two days ago was the april mama’s night and since the next one wasn’t going to happy until post-mother’s day…rocco and i made some treats. (when i say rocco and i, i mean me…while he laid on his blanket on the floor either sucking on his thumb or whining because i wasn’t paying attention to him ;) ha!) i made all the mama’s air plant terrariums. in the simplest fashion but super cute (esp when they’re all lined up!) i bought the tillandsia from a local nursery wholesaler that Peekay has a license with… the white sand from Target, the containers from CB2, and the dried floral accents from Perfect Petal. I wrote out little love notes and care instructions on little metal tags and lined them all up so my friends could pick which one they liked best.

It was a smashing hit ;) and made me feel happy to do something little to start many of their first mother’s days off right.


  1. such a sweet idea. i don’t know how you do it!

  2. You mentioned you blogged so I found it :) I LOVE my terrarium (and no I know what to call it!) – such a lovely thing for you to do for us all. Thanks Paige!

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