michelle’s salmon panzanella – ghetto style


so i find it a lil difficult to grocery shop with rwd…unless i’m doing quick mini trips – not because he’s difficult but truly because the stupid car seat takes up the whole grocery cart, so we normally have started making it a family trip where john pushes him in a mini cart and i push the normal grocery sized cart with our goodies…either way we didn’t make it this weekend so in an attempt to get my meals planned i started searching today so i could quickly run out this evening once he was down for the night. i saw my friend michelley had recently started up a foodie blog (she’s steph’s sister) seasonette and she posted a salmon panzanella. it looked delicious so i immediately posted a comment showin some love ;) and added the ingredients to my shopping list…but as i was writing them down i realized i could probably whip it together – a little ghetto style mind you, but it turned out great!

photo by michelle

here’s the real deal recipe

and here’s my work with what you have adaptation

preheat oven to 375 – cut up two croissants (or any type of bread product you have in the house…we just had these left-over from krista’s babyshower) into 1″ cubes. toss w/ olive oil, dried oregano, minced garlic, S+P – bake on the top rack for 5 mins, toss, bake an additional 5 mins until slightly crispy and browning.

boil salted water and add green beans (we did happen to have these on hand, which was a lil rare + lucky) until bright green and still slightly crunch, about 5 minutes, immediately blanch under cold water to stop the cooking process and set aside.

another ‘lucky’ point is that we also always happen to have frozen salmon + tilapia filets in our freezer, so i pulled out a honey bourbon 6oz filet – broil for 5 mins per side. (if you don’t have salmon on hand, canned tuna chunks would also work ~ though it’d def give it a nicoise styling).

half a handful of cherry tomatoes, hand-tear basil, cut the green beans into 1″ chunks and since we didn’t have any red onions on hand, i thinly sliced up a shallot (which we ALWAYS have in this household). mixed olive oil (i just eyeball it), 1 tbs red wine vinegar, S+P, and the above in a serving bowl. add in the homemade croutons – toss gently. add in chunks of cooked salmon and serve.

i gotta admit for it not being on a previous list we were lucky to have the green beans, but otherwise those are ingredients that happen to live in our household. it was pretty quick, delicious and now i plan on always making my own croissant croutons ;) not to mention, i plan on putting basil, cherry tomatoes, and green beans in my garden so that this meal is only a ‘picking’ away :) thx michelley!

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  1. Mmmm! I like your idea to use croissants! Will have to try this next time :) And ditto! These are ingredients we always have on hand too — standard cupboard fare.

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