more like fabulously ghetto!

so at the sample sale, miss heidi hebb was rocking the sally hansen salon effects real nail polish strips…so i immediately stopped by walgreens on the way home and picked some the “electric shock” and “check it out” to wear at krist’s baby shower yesterday…and last night as i was catching up on my google reader, i saw a cup of jo posted about them on thursday as well.

so while sticker nail strips seem pretty ghetto (though I totally love them ha) turns out they may actually be quite fabulous? ;)



  1. OK, I LOVE these and recently rocked the electric purple ones. And I thought the leftovers from the package could be saved and used if you chipped one. DON’T TRY IT! They get all weird and bubbly and then you have to take EVERYTHING off. And maybe I just have crappy nail polish remover, but it took me an hour and 45 minutes to get this stuff off. And my cuticles were TORE UP.

    I feel very strongly about this nail polish. I would TOTALLY try it again. I want to know if it really lasts ten days! Please update. :)

  2. i actually already took it off and agree it took FOREVER to disappear! I had a few areas that were flaking and it made me nervous since little man sucks on my fingers so often…I was hoping it was because I wash my hands about a million times a day and that’s why they flaked so fast…I’m going to do the neon yellow in a few weeks when it’s more consistently sunny and will see how long it lasts ;) will update you then!

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