new dinner inspiration


so since the little man joined our lives, we’ve been eating out less….still doing it on occasion and trying to take advantage of this time when it’s easier because he’s small, quiet and usually just sleeps but…still less. so i’ve been meal planner. i’ve never really been much of a meal planner. this blog, actually, has helped…but overall i’m totally fine with being the type of person who shops daily just for that night’s dinner. enter a babe. ha…making trips to the store more of an ordeal and just naturally allowing the time of the day to pass by much quicker…i started planning and shopping for meals 3 days at a time. usually that’s as far as we can get before dinner plans hit our schedule, conflicts with john’s schedule or just wanting to have the flexibility to still go out if we feel like it…
this week all my meals are from savory sweet life.

…kind of my new favorite blog…

last night and tonight were deliciously successful and tomorrow night‘s actually i’m the most excited for.

go, check it, and get inspired.

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