just because


so last time we were at the grocery store, i sent john to grab some baby bok choy and he came back with endives….not sure quite why ;) but he did and insisted that he wanted to try them. for whatever reason he said he never had and they sounded good so last night i made endives w/ goat cheese and walnuts and they were fantastic!

turn your oven on to 350*
1/4 c chopped walnuts drizzled heavily with agave syrup
bake for 10 mins, stirring once at 5 mins in

heat 1/4 c balsamic syrup (we use the balsamic vinegar of modena from o & co – it’s amazeballs) with 3 tbs oj in a small sauce pan on high until it reduces down

wash and spread out the endive leaves – plop a tsp size blue cheese (we use a goat blue cheese from whole foods which is also incredible), a mandarin slice (i used canned), and the baked sweet walnuts – drizzle w/ balsamic sauce and top w/ chives & white pepper

nom nom nom….. :) delicious!

def plan on making/bringing these to my next dinner party


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