ok, so i know i have no excuse any longer. little man is 2 1/2 months old and starting to somewhat get into a routine – ok well maybe not a routine yet but definitely is developing patterns so i WILL start blogging again. and not even soon – like now. my goal is to hit at least 3 posts a week. [and i still hold true to the fact they won’t all be baby related…some yes, because well :) he’s just too stinking cute…but not all]


so. with that said – here’s ha another blog to check out (that counts as blogging right? redirecting?) – my friend steph; she’s killing it cooking and posting recipes and the thing i find most refreshing is she doesn’t fake it – if something doesn’t turn out, she flat out says that :) i like that. and her. and food. so check it. inspired roots


and…i kind of can’t wait for one of these. i know i’ll eventually get an ipad as well, once they add the camera feature to it; but there is just something about ‘hand written notes’ that i love…and this is sort of a best of both. i want one. june – hurry up! noteslate. i’ll take the black one please.


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  1. I was just about to give up, and lo and behold, here you are! The world needs Paige to blog. Especially since when I leave work today, I’m going to grocery shop and was just looking for recipe inspiration…I’m going to take your word on Steph.

    Welcome back!

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