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the lovely abbey stole the words from my brain (before i was able to get them out in a post) ;) <3

i lova braids. and am growing my hair as long as possible to be able pull them off myself.

here's two of my favs that i'm dying to be able to do.

sources unknown because i pull them onto my desktop so long ago…
what do you think? do you love braids, or are you over the trend already?


brunch? sure…no gluten, no dairy? no problemo!


so my girlfriend jenny d came over to meet roc + have brunch a couple weeks back before she takes off on another adventure to photograph africa…and she’s currently cutting gluten and dairy from her diet -so at first i was at a lil lost as to what to serve…then i found the gluten-free goddess blog. mmmmmm :)

i made the artichoke jalapeno savory pie + subbed out a tofutti cream cheese…. it was delicious. check it out.




ok, so i know i have no excuse any longer. little man is 2 1/2 months old and starting to somewhat get into a routine – ok well maybe not a routine yet but definitely is developing patterns so i WILL start blogging again. and not even soon – like now. my goal is to hit at least 3 posts a week. [and i still hold true to the fact they won’t all be baby related…some yes, because well :) he’s just too stinking cute…but not all]


so. with that said – here’s ha another blog to check out (that counts as blogging right? redirecting?) – my friend steph; she’s killing it cooking and posting recipes and the thing i find most refreshing is she doesn’t fake it – if something doesn’t turn out, she flat out says that :) i like that. and her. and food. so check it. inspired roots


and…i kind of can’t wait for one of these. i know i’ll eventually get an ipad as well, once they add the camera feature to it; but there is just something about ‘hand written notes’ that i love…and this is sort of a best of both. i want one. june – hurry up! noteslate. i’ll take the black one please.