can i justify it?


after a relatively awful last hour of little man being a big fat grump-i sang, hummed, shushed, rocked, swung, and bounced (again, all done by me, because i haven’t broken down and bought an ugly plastic swing yet…though that thought crossed my mind tonight too)…i walked into the kitchen and he could look up at the lights-like magic all the fussiness melted away. being in a ‘modern house’ we don’t really have too many light fixtures that are visible and only have ceiling lights in the kitchen and in our master bedroom-so there’s just a whole lot of white space for him to look up at normally… thinking back to a cup of jo i saw this awesome night light they used in their nursery and automatically fell in love and think projecting stars on his walls & ceiling is a perfect solution to a night light in the nursery and giving him rad lights to stare up at…

…and even though my little man is almost 6 weeks old – we’re still finishing up the nursery. and well, why not start considering the nightlight purchase next? again, i really really want the j schatz egg lamp

but i don’t think i can justify the $135 pricetag…when this lame looking twilight turtle pretty much does the same effect…

and doesn’t break the bank costing only a whopping $30 plus I can run to Target tomorrow and have it in hand…


so what do you think? splurge on something that looks good during the daytime too or just stash the turtle during the day and pull it out at bedtime?


…a review of our nursery thus far + the last few things on my wish list/to do list to come later this week!



  1. I think the turtle is super cute…but I do agree that he hardly goes with the teepee. :)

  2. Not to be frivolous, but I say go for the egg. Lamps aren’t cheap, especially when they are well made. And it looks super cool/ modern/ and practical at the same time… With a tee pee, you must have stars. Good stars.

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