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my last minute wishlist


so it’s december 23rd… our son is now 4 wks old – 1 month tomorrow! (i CANNOT believe how fast it’s gone already! which, yes, i know…ALL new parents say that…but it’s so freaking true!) with all the family in town, getting adjusted to life’s biggest change and just the overall craziness that winter brings to our lives ~ johnny and i are just starting our holiday shopping. ha. so here’s my last minute wish list


1. bensimon nils – i already own the lace ups and have the slip on’s on my to buy list for this summer…but these high-top lace up sneakers seem like a perfect match for me this winter. and bonus-the taupe is on sale currently at piperlime!

2. boob nursing hoodie – as rocco and i are starting to venture out more and more, nursing in public is a bridge i’m having to cross. this swedish designed hoodie makes it comfy and discreet.

3. this floral kaftan from etsy seller silkandmore ~ i’ve previously mentioned that i bought a silk kaftan but i think this super soft mulmul cotton one would be great too. kaftan’s are taking over robes ;) let me tell you!


4. the laguiole cheeses knives set from crate and barrel. we received two sets of the steak knives in mineral last year for christmas and i think this set in natural would be the perfect compliment!

5. the tea and toast butter dish from anthro – i dropped and broke our butter dish awhile ago and now that breakfast is super important to jump start my sleep deprived days – eating my english muffin would be more tempting w/ room temp butter from this puppy than trying to spread it from the fridge like i’m currently doing

6. the DWR teak swing…which happens to be on sale right now! i’d like two please :) to hang off the steel beams on the balcony off our bedroom [yes, i realize this one doesn’t really fall into the practical category…but :) i’m sure i could attempt to justify it and be quite successful]

FOR THE GNAR [because a gift for our pup is sort of like a gift for me]

7. Berner blank cards – Gnarly is always getting gifts, bones, toys, treats etc…so having a cute way to say thanks! would be awesome and these would be perfect.

8. ¬†Gnarly got one of these petstages no stuffing squeaky toys (they sell the alligator one at target!) from my parents when they came out to meet rocco and it’s pretty awesome. with no stuffing – it wouldn’t matter if it got destroyed and the body is broken into 3 sections that offer a different type of squeak in each…she goes off in our backyard playing with it. and i think this zebra one is super cute.

9. this rattan outdoor dog bed is awesome. gnarly loves spending as much time as possible outdoors during the winter, esp if it’s snowing and i’d love to give her this option to cuddle up in. [dwr has a small dog one on sale right now that gnar would be too big for…] this is from the uk but to have something w/ a lil protection from the wind or from sun during the summer would do us just riiight.

FOR MY LITTLE MAN [which yes, just like gifts for the dog pretty much equate to gifts for me]

10. the woodours activity mat – now that little man is a month old, he’s able to visually focus on things and i’m sort of in love with all the woodour products (esp that mobile!) so this mat seems to be a perfect fit. i love how it’s gender neutral and all the pieces that come apart making it multi-functional too. sign me up!

11. cloth wipe solution drops the whole cloth diaper thing is working out really well for us and these drops make the wipes process super smooth. we purchased a good majority of our diapers from the giggling green bean and while i think we’ve got a good stockpile of diapers, i still foresee many more shopping trips there in our future.

12. and OF COURSE the american apparel infant tank tops. i seriously would dress rocco in one of these EVERY DAY, we only own 3 right now…but i am considering buying like 50 more. because, well…with a name like rocco, why wouldn’t you wear a muscle tank daily? and they happen to currently be on sale!


…hopefully most of you aren’t like us and have all your shopping done and have been done well in advance of the mall madness. :) happy holidays! xo-p




so i’ve been severely lacking on posting…anything. between peekay getting busier, trying to prep for this babe to come-then THE BABE COMING!! :) and now just being enamored with his rolls, chubby cheeks and sweet sounds…ha blogging has hit the bottom of my to-do list.

but i thought i’d quickly share the important stats:

-our baby boy was born 11/24 at 9:04am, Wednesday
-at the mountain midwifery center via a natural water birth
-johnny caught :)
-all went super well and dare i say easy (or at least easier than i was expecting)
-i was in labor just under 9 hrs, 7 at home and 2 at the birthing center
-he was 8lbs 3.5 oz and 21″ long
-he came 10 days early
-johnny was amazing and supportive and is a very happy proud papa
-kate, our doula, was incredible and oh-so helpful
-leigh our midwife was exactly what i needed and i’m thankful for the experience she helped us have
-gnarly is adjusting :) and either just wants to smell him or could pretty much care less (or at least she acts that way, although she has reverted from our training and is back in protect the domain mode [which = more barking at people who come over] which we’re trying to work on again…)
-i’m feeling incredible, birth story to come (for those who care-although i promise it won’t turn into just a mommy blog) we came home 4 hrs after he was born and i feel very fortunate to have been able to have a natural birth and think my recovery time and the process as a whole has been much smoother because of it…of course paired w/ the prep work i did with my trainer jill :)

more soon, once we’re established into a better routine/schedule and johnny goes back to work so i have downtime instead of “let’s continue to talk about how stinking cute our son is” time… ;)

but in the meantime, here’s the first meal i made since having rocco- it was easy and delicious! exactly what a new mama needs…
winter enchiladas (we skipped the crema and cheese, for john’s sake)