maternity & style?


so…i’m really wondering if it’s possible to stay stylish during your pregnancy. i mean, i guess, i know it can be done… i’ve seen other women do it (jora + cole) but ha so help me, it really feels like quite the feat lately. and on top of that i feel like it’s two separate up-hill battles i’m facing. the first being finishing out this preggo time and then the second being having good comfy options for afterwards when you’re a zombie, battling leaking & all the new bodily functions/liquids that come along with yourself just giving birth and the new babe you’re carrying around ;) …on the outside.

i’ve already surpassed the stage of being able to wear my old pants w/ a bella band (they don’t fit over my thighs or ass any longer) and many of my shirts just show off a lil too much lower belly for me to feel socially acceptable going out in public (sorry jill – i know, i still wear them to work out in) and as i’m in these last two months – feeling big and just generally starting to hit the uncomfortable stage – i can’t help but want to simply still feel good, pretty, fit, & stylee still.

after reading a couple posts online i’ve decided one thing i’m for sure going to treat myself to (along with pre-natal massages weekly from here until the end) is a nice set of pajama’s and a nice silk robe. because well, let’s face it, i’ve come to accept that the chances of getting really dressed (1. considering i’ll be sleeping 2 hrs at a time and 2. because well it’s hard enough for me to really break out of the sweats during the winter cozy months wrapped up in a blanket at home anyway) are going to be slim to none. *for the first week or two only people, don’t worry i’m not going to give up on life as a whole, ha…just going to take advantage of being home, staying home, and enjoying my new lil grom those first precious weeks*

so i’m currently on the hunt. does anyone have any great pj recommendations? i just bought this set from old navy – but i’d like to spoil myself with a nice set…

i also just bought myself this silk kaftan off etsy…which may not necessarily be easy to nurse in – but hopefully will be comfy and make me feel like i’m floating around the casa (again on my 2 hrs of sleep) ;) heeh.. and i’d still like specifically to get a silk robe to throw over my nursing pj’s, sweats, etc… any suggestions? i’ve been looking at anthro’s but nothing is standing out to me…


hmmm…with so many great mom sites out there and trendy moms that i personally know-why does this feel so hard all of a sudden? what am i missing?…



  1. Still lots of great options at Top Shop Maternity. Not cheap but super cute stuff!

  2. I really love Pretty Plum Sugar’s stuff on Etsy – I wore one of their robes on my wedding day: http://www.etsy.com/shop/plumprettysugar

    Mine was cotton voile – but I think they have some silk stuff too! And I’m shutting down the thought that you aren’t the most stylish prego – you looked adorable the last time I saw you.

    Maybe some snuggly swingy a-line tunic dresses from Yes Style? http://www.yesstyle.com/en/women-dresses/list.html/bcc.11158_bpt.46

  3. ummm…love pretty plum sugar and why have i never been to yes style?! ah-mah-zing! :) thx abbey!!

    jess, i know… ha…i get twisted trying to figure out my size on top shop, but i know you’ve had good luck- i will check it out again :)


  4. […] this floral kaftan from etsy seller silkandmore ~ i’ve previously mentioned that i bought a silk kaftan but i think this super soft mulmul cotton one would be great too. […]

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