ork vs. january jones vs. paige?


ha. just kidding. i have loved ork since i first laid eyes on it and have to say i was a bit disappointed when i spotted the january jones prints on design mom. one- they are a complete rip-off. and two- they’re not done nearly as well.

last year i attempted to make christmas cards with my own rip-off of ork (after begging them to create a denver version, in which they replied that at the time they currently had no intentions of doing) but it turned to be a flop when i created and ordered the wrong size letterpress plate, so i’ve yet to use the design for anything. granted – i by no means have any intentions of trying to sell them ~ ha, my R&D (rip-off and duplicate) is strictly for personal use. but not to toot my own horn; but really – i feel like even mine is better than january jones.


  1. i love that you called her out.
    ps. love your denver map since ork doesn’t make one.

  2. Paige …

    I live in Denver and grew up here! LOVE IT and I ADORE YOU Ork version of our fair city. I would love, LOVE to purchase a copy of your version for a Christmas gift. What’s the possibilty?

    Thanks so much,

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