the geometry of pasta


as i’ve said in the past, i’m sort of in love with quirk books. so when i found out they were willing to send bloggers a free copy of their new book – the geometry of pasta – i jumped on the chance and submitted a request & guess what?! they sent me one! so i am committing (on my own accord, they only ask that you write a review of the book) to try each and every type of pasta in the book. many have a few recipes per type of noodle, so not sure if i’ll hit up each and every recipe – but i will try all those delicious perfectly uniquely shaped noodles – ha no timeline promises, besides…over my lifetime…because truly w/ a babe on the way, who knows how long it’ll take me to do anything.

check out their trailer for the book :) it’s cute.

tonight i had casarecce [meaning “homemade”, it’s an s-shaped pasta sectioned into short lengths – i had mine with a cream sauce & sausage] ~ i’m thumbing my way through all the recipes but thus far they seem pretty freaking awesome. not to mention the graphics of the book are rad and it automatically makes me feel like i’ll be cooking a lot more pasta, just so i can keep the book out on the counter to show it off ;)

full review on the book and updates as i make my way through it all – to come.


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  1. All the recipes?! You are awesome. :)

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