happy berfday to me <3


so i have 3 berfday traditions that i started a few years back.

1. i buy myself a new perfume (which is funny because i actually never get to the point where i use the one fully from the previous year…or two years back even, since I’m not a perfume wearer – but I like to on my way to berfday dinner)

2. i buy myself a berfday dress… which i wear to that night’s dinner + again and again and again :) for many of the following years.

and 3. i eat my dessert first at dinner. this always throws the waiter off because they either get bummed i’m wasting table space by not ordering or they skip me when it comes time to order :)

…this year i’m debating whether i just skip the whole dress part though, being preggo and to a point where it’s truly making a difference in my clothes – i’d much rather just be comfortable and again, my practical mind, needs to purchase things that i’ll actually wear again (besides the preggo necessities like larger sized underwear and bras, ha!) so rather than buying a dress that’s sized up or a maternity dress – i :) think i might actually just go buy some little joey’s for the babe to come from the giggling green bean.

i did however purchase tokyo milk cherry bomb perfume and plan on eating my dessert first this evening ;)

hope your day is fabulous <3

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