to doula or not to doula


ok, ok, so whether or not to have a doula isn’t even a question for us because well

1. i can’t even imagine in my tired/worn out/exhausted/semi-nervous of not knowing what to expect state the kinds of things i might say to john when he tells me “keep going, you’re doing great” [but as an idea, things like “eat it buddy. you try doing this while i smile and say ‘keep going’ oh yeh and don’t touch me. ” ha start to come to mind.] :)

and 2. since we’ve decided to give birth at the midwifery center; the midwives are in and out of the room while you’re laboring and the quest into the unknown freaks john + i out too much to not have someone constantly there to reassure us we’re on track, doing the right thing, and yes that gross stuff that just exited my body is completely normal…

so we’ve started looking at doula’s. last night i met my first one and can i just say: she is FREAKING ADORABLE like instantly, i wanted to say “hey either way, if we go with you or not–do you think we could be friends?” her style, her personality, her boots! ha, every little piece of this girl made me want to hug her and call her my friend. her “downside” is that she isn’t technically certified yet, but has acted as a doula one other time and just gave birth herself 10 months ago ~ and well most of you know my perspective (as a college drop out) on credentials and their importance. to me it’s all about connection, comfortability and authenticity. she doesn’t act like she’s this expert, she doesn’t talk herself up – she just shares her stories and explains how her passion for being a doula and helping women down their birthing path is the direction she wants to take. and i think it’s refreshing.

…besides can i really picture myself being any more comfortable around a woman in her mid-forties just because she’s certified? i mean, this person is going to be (alongside john of course) my rock – there for all the goods, bads, excitement and disgustingness that is having a babe…

we’re going to participate in one of those “meet our doula’s” nights at either the birthing center or a local baby boutique but i think i’m pretty set :) (and once it’s official, i can stalkerishly steal one of her fb pics to show you all just how adorbs she is) heh


One comment

  1. Oh, looking back how I wish I’d gone the doula route.

    Hope you find one that rocks! :0)

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