more junk i heart


so i finally set up google reader (thx krist) and here’s some more stuff i just love the crap out of…

these printed tools & craft gizmo’s by cynthia rowley (LOVE the staple gun-too bad I already own like 4…)

p.s. – they even have a cute little tape measurer that would make a perfect pretty addition to my purse (ha since i truly am the type of person who always just needs a tape measurer at random frequent times) spotted on design mom

i know air plants are all the rage right now-and it’s a trend i haven’t given into yet…but with these hanging plant pods, i might just be ready to add some to the collection – i’d say it’s about time we added a lil plant life to our casa–don’t you?! :)

spotted on apartment therapy

because krist and i are starting to design our peekay office space – how perfect would this pouch be to hold my precious pens? (i’ve always always had a pen/pencil obsession, i esp like the really really skinny korean ones!)

spotted on my favorite things

and just because we recently returned from time on the cape- how perfect is this beach house?

hopefully i won’t feel compelled to blast my blog with other people’s post daily – but until i get over the excitement of reader, i can’t make any promises ;)


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