craving a get-away!


i’m craving a baby-moon/get-away in a really big way. and while, despite HATING the bugs – costa rica would be about perfect right now. i just want to lay on a beach, sit in the sun, and float in the water… knowing that with our schedules right now and just overall timing of everything already planned wrapping up this summer- it doesn’t seem too practical. however! ;) getting some of these anzfer farms chairs

…which perfectly remind me of lola’s on playa avellanas + a mt. weekend at the westin would probably be a good compromise, don’t you think? …feel free to tell my husband ;)

until we can find a time to get away just the two of us…i am however really looking forward to our mini-east coast trip in just a few weeks. we’re heading to new york to hang at lake george w/ john’s family – then to vermont for cope+brad’s wedding, then to connecticut to visit the farm ;) and winding up on the cape w/ jess. whew-it’ll be a lot of traveling between but oh so worth it to see everyone. :) and i plan on eating my new body weight in lobster rolls mmmmmmmmmmmm

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