my man killed it!


just over a week ago, my man + some work friends climbed mt. evans…on their bikes.

scruffy friends who joined us on the road

mt. evans is the highest paved road in north america – so it made it easy for me and my mom (who was out visiting) to be the rally team car ;) and meet them half way up for snacks + to refill waters and then again at the top w/ warm clothes.

i can’t believe they did the climb so quickly (just under 3.5 hrs) and how great everyone did. congrats to all who mastered evans again this year and see you all next year again!

first crew to make it to the top

stretching and putting on warm clothes for the descent down

the whole gang made it!



  1. So fabs!
    And btw, the title said, “My man killed it” and the first shot were the goats… I’m sure you can guess where my mind went. :) oxo

  2. hahahahh ;)

  3. I can’t believe there are even that many people who WANT to ride that far up a mountain.

    Then again, sometimes I get tired sitting in my desk chair.

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