kind of awesome. like ok, really awesome.


so on our way to dinner tonight, we walked by the collabratory. and it’s kind of an amazing idea.

in a society where everyone hoards the information they have to get an edge on their competition, these guys are opening their doors to share space, concepts, ideas and brainstorm. and i kind of really really love it.

as we’re embarking in on the wedding industry, we’re quickly learning that finding vendors who are open to collabs only come around when they feel like they’re really going to benefit from it. don’t get me wrong – sweet supportive people are out there (Anna + Bre from Anna Be have been super supportive and awesome, Jenn Davidson from Luce Photography is willing to bend over backwards to help us get started, etc…) and while I don’t blame them, I guess that’s just not my nature. If someone is reaching out to me and I have knowledge to share, I’m more than happy to pass along, and maybe it’s just my selfishness thinking that in doing that karma will take care of me when I need it…but these guys, I don’t know-but I dig. And appreciate. And support.

check, check, check em out.



  1. absolutely lOVE this. I just passed it on to Kev, as it is right up his alley. Thanks for the link, P!

  2. Thanks again for the shout out. And best of luck with your build out, be it paid or through wix. Feel free to stop by the studio anytime.

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