kick my butt…please


so. in an effort to make pushing this babe out ;) as easy as possible, i have started working with a personal trainer.

[i’ll pause for reaction] ;) because, those that know me personally-obviously understand, this is insane. the girl who only did golf as a sport in high school (which basically included eating snacks, decorating our golf balls, coming up with funny sayings for our hoodies & laying on the grass doing ‘supermans’ with melei), and who can barely run a block without having to stop and catch my breath, and who -yes, i admit it- can barely open a container of apple juice has been meeting with the lovely jill kingen twice a week to get in shape.

and honestly, it’s kind of awesome. :) she’s great at finding the balance between being supportive yet making fun of me when i complain the 8lbs are too heavy to lift for my weak arms. she does all types of work-outs but with me has obviously been focusing on a preggo, gentle basic approach to getting my body healthy and ready for this babe that’s growing in my belly.

for anyone in denver, i HIGHLY recommend checking out jill or trying her tabata group classes. and get in while she’s getting her business started for incredible pricing!!

try it out and let me know what you think!

also- peekay + no boundaries fitness will be teaming up for some bridal bootcamps and training to get your hot little bods ready for those gorgeous dresses! stay tuned for more info!

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