4th of july weekend we went camping. it wasn’t my first camping experience in colorado, but it was pretty freaking incredible.

first a little background – our friends sammy + ellie…well the best way to put it is: are very good to know :) they’re snowboard instructors during the winter and i cannot even begin to explain the countless times they’ve both been so patient in teaching me tricks, tips, the line to take, and of course just core basic riding skills – the list could just go on and on. and the ‘very good’ to know part comes in because :) they spoil me. they help me tie my boots when i can’t get them tight enough, they let me borrow their gloves if my fingers are too cold, they hook up lunch on the mt and show me ha the sneak ways to get the biggest bang for your buck, and above anything else are dear dear friends whom we love a ton.

camping with these two in the summer is basically the same deal as riding with them in the winter though, you’re given the royal treatment and they take care of everything. now everyone knows how busy 4th weekend is for camping – so sammy + ellie went up mid-week and scouted the space, laid down tents and set up our camp, we truly just had to show up. and boy, was the site we showed up to perfect. nestled just above avon, our spot was primo. big, open, the food tables & stoves set up, the campfire area practically perfect, our tent pre-set up for us. a flower meadow just a bit down the road, atv’s full of gas and ready to go & an elk he shot marinating all day. ha-yes, perfect, spoiled, and VERY well taken care. :)
and to top it off – we were dog-sitting yeager all weekend so we had the gnar attack & yeags running around (joined by riley + winnie) AND james+jess in tow, and a chance to have a quality goodbye time w/ jevy+casey who happen to be moving on to OR.

it was a weekend of perfection and if that’s what my future camping experiences hold- bring em on for the rest of summer :)

…and p.s. – i hope when i have kiddo’s they’ll have “camping sleep-over’s” just like this :)


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