so. for those who may be new to my little blog… lemonheart was my creative baby. my outlet to making and doing and being…i decided to start it with handmade jewelry, which would grow to other accessories & paper goods, then to jewelry holders to other furniture pieces and then to any and everything my little heart could imagine. …ha-well before my dreams could take flight…i put my baby on hold ;) and instead – i grabbed myself a partner ;) and we started peekay – my BIGGER creative baby. with finding 2 weddings from the start; it easily pushed my other little dream lemonheart to the side and took over all my creative energy and spare time.  needless to say i’ve been extremely lacking on all things lemonheart since then and basically told myself that i’d put it 100% to the side during these two weddings and restart it up this summer… (new pieces, stocking up my inventory, and finally really putting together my website)

…so with our second wedding next friday – be on the look out for lemonheart updates and a relaunch of the site to come late summer!
…and well ;) while i’m personally on a handmade goods vacation ~ i’ve been searching out gems on etsy and wanted to share some of my favs

[click on all photos to be brought directly to their etsy shops]

LOVE THIS…the fact it says “i am yours” literally melts my heart, I might have to make my own stylee that says “i am theirs” for my man and my babe to come ;) ha or more realistically just request a custom one from tinahdee. heheh

of course i had to throw something babe in there, these wooden rattles are just too sweet to me, the natural materials the fact they could double as a teether, and then to top it off that they come from the pacific northwest? i’m definitely hoping to find one or two of these in my baby’s room coming up!

since moving into de la sol, this is the first time i’ve officially had a garden and i can’t wait to be out there cultivating and growing my lunch! these vintage spoon markers would make it that much better–don’t you think?

now i’ve never sewn, so attempting to make something like this could never be on my list- but the thought of re-useable snack bags has been super appealing to me for the past year or so. after searching out a few of the options out there, this brand seems to be high quality and come in cute prints!

i could spend hours and hours on etsy searching out all things lovely, finding inspirations for things i want to try to make myself and finding perfect gifts for friends :) what are some of your favorites out there?


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  1. I can’t wait to see more lemonheart! I tried to go online on Friday but couldn’t access the site. Yum, Yum = your creativity. Excited about next Friday.

    Hearts Paige,

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