i blame it on the preggo brain


gosh i feel a little horrible! i’m getting lots of (albeit excited) texts, emails and messages from friends who are surprised I hadn’t told them I had a babe in my belly sooner….

I’m sorry!!!

I swear I thought the news was fairly widely spread out there, and there’s def a few of you I SWORE we had already even shared in jumps, screams, squeals, and giggles over it (whether in person, over an email or the phone)…but alas – I’m either crazy, having very vivid preggo dreams, or just a simple case of preggo brain.

All my love to all my friends. Near + far. And THANK YOU for all the words of encouragement, advice, support and well wishes :) xoxo!

here’s from our first ultrasound from 4.26.10. of course, it’s now since more than doubled in size :)

…more deets – we’re NOT finding out the sex. i’m officially due 12/4/10. we’re looking into either a home birth or giving birth at the mountain midwifery center. we have both a boy + a girl name already picked out. (but truly, i kind of don’t care if you like either one of them or not, ha because we do). and as of today, i’m officially 16 weeks + 3 days along. the verdict is still out on belly shots, but knowing me- i’ll probably at least post some version of a quickie bathroom sesh weekly ;) xo-p



  1. Hi. Congratulations!!!

  2. Through a series of facebook clicks & such, I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago. I’ve only been here a couple of times, & I don’t plan on stalking — I promise.

    But I just wanted to say, that despite our differences in the past, & even though we’re not “technically” friends anymore, that I am truly happy for you. I wish you & your new family nothing the the best. I hope that marriage is good for you, that you have a wonderful pregnancy, & that everything goes smoothly.

    Best of luck, & best wishes.

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