nursery inspiration


so now that the news is out there, i can flood (ok, ok i’ll keep it within moderation) my blog with all my babe finds!

now, i’ll be the first to admit, i am CRAZY LUCKY to have what i have as a starting point for the nursery. the room is a perfect size, the closet is already sectioned out into small spaces & cubbies and the room-even empty-feels incredible. the east and west wall wrap from the floor + ceiling in a whitewashed beetle kill, giving it this warm safe cozy feel. the south wall is mostly window which opens up to our green roof top balcony, which will only grow and get better. lucky, right!? ;) BUT that means i need to come up with a pretty sweet nursery to live up the potential of this space…since we’re keeping the sex a secret until the big day – i’ve decided on a native american themed nursery.


i’m thinking the cow skin rug centered in the middle of the room, the teepee in the left corner, the crib in the right corner, the rocker near the closet, and then the land of nod single seaters (in red, blue, and green) for inside the teepee and then i’d love to create my own linocut orca whale print for the wall… :) & probably some variation of a dream catcher and colorful feathers for the mobile

…let me know what inspiration you guys might think could be rad for a gender neutral nursery too!


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